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State and Local Government

Federal, State, Counties, Cities, Townships & Tribal
NetFacilities enables you to manage every aspect of your Government facilities operations. Collaborate in real-time with all team members, including vendors, on work orders, scheduled action items, asset management, and preventive maintenance scheduling, inventory ordering, and more.
Whether you are a facilities manager, service technician, engineer, administrator, or another role, the NETfacilities facility management system provides access to the information you need to do your job and manage your business. A suite of configurable tools is deployed for your operational processes.
Our comprehensive work order management software keeps everyone connected for collaboration, scheduling, and labor cost-tracking using historical data.  You’ll enjoy total visibility through the use of our dashboards, and reports.  Rest assured that NetFacilities will get you organized and keep everyone on task.
Contact us to learn more about our asset management technology for local government.