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Property Management Industry

An effective, tenant services solution is a must
In the world of property management, tenants are your customers. Your properties compete with those that surround you. That means in order to attract the best tenants your properties need to operate at their absolute best potential.
Make servicing your tenants easier and more effective
NetFacilities is a highly effective, process-centric solution that was developed for the purpose of making it easier to manage all aspects of your property care, risk mitigation, and provide top-notch tenant services. You’ll be able to provide an always accessible platform where your tenants can easily log in through a powerful tenant portal with functionality to create and track their service requests, reserve property resources and amenities, view the property handbook, and access other useful documentation and links to external content. All content is fully customizable by you.
Keep building systems online, extend equipment life, and save money
With NetFacilities your critical building equipment will operate continuously without unplanned, costly disruptions. Your engineering and maintenance team will operate more efficiently, keeping ahead of problems through effective maintenance practices that prevent catastrophic system failures.
Contact us today to learn how implementing NetFacilities at your property, or portfolio of properties can increase value on many levels, and set you apart from the crowd.