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Maintenance Work Order Software for the Non-Profit Industry

Protect the Facilities that Serve Your Cause and At-Risk Populations

NetFacilities provides non-profit organizations, from churches to large non-profit agencies, with the right tools and support to effectively manage one or multiple facilities in one system. You have unique workflows in maintenance and service operations that have a major impact on how you serve your cause from child and senior facilities or outreach and servicing at-risk populations. A single facility, multiple locations, or residential programs with organized operations results in better service delivery for so the beneficiaries of your cause may thrive.

NetFacilities web-based software links all the people, places, and things you want to manage into one convenient system for the maintenance and operations team to get things done. Collaborate in real-time with all team members, including vendors, on work orders, asset management and preventive maintenance scheduling, inventory ordering and more. Stay on top of critical tasks to keep your facilities in excellent condition while preserving operational budgets.

Avoid unplanned failures and spending so you can use your money for your cause. NetFacilities enables you to manage every aspect of your non-profit facilities, big or small, to stay organized, and save time, so you can get more done with one centralized system. A flexible suite of configurable tools are deployed for your operational processes.

Stay on top and in touch with comprehensive Non-Profit Facilities Management from NetFacilities.