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MobileFacilities® Preventive Maintenance Mobile App

If you are still using clipboards and paper forms, binders, and logbooks, it’s time you realize that those tools of the past are relics that are no longer suitable for today’s field workers. They have been replaced by mobile smartphones and tablets.
Field mobility is drastically more efficient over pre-mobile processes and provides for simpler methods of real-time communication with databases. So much can be said about the benefits of incorporating mobile into your daily operation.
MobileFacilities is NetFacilities’ flagship field mobile solution. Although we’ve designed our preventive maintenance app so that any user you choose to give access to can easily log in and under a minute create a work order, technicians and service workers can do so much more.
With MobileFacilities technicians not only have the ability to create work orders, they can also close them out, add labor hours and materials used to complete the work. They can also fully-manage scheduled maintenance activities, gain access to all important asset information, like transaction history, manuals, warranties, and more. All without having to get in front of a desktop PC.
MobileFacilities is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from the app market. The app is fully integrated and communicates in real-time with all NetFacilities desktop CMMS software solutions. Contact us today for a free product tour.
MobileFacilities® Preventive Maintenance Mobile App

Available for iOS and Android

Available for iOS and Android

Happy Customers, Happy Us

“One other aspect is the word-of-mouth compliments that we get from our technicians in the field. They love the software’s mobile capabilities. If I had to do it all over again, NetFacilities would be my first pick!”

Five Stars Connor Moran Senior Manager, AUHS University