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Maintenance Manufacturing Software

Keep production machinery and equipment online
Equipment is the lifeblood of your manufacturing and production operations. When failure occurs it disrupts production causing delays in your deliverables and upsetting your customers. Therefore, setting up a quality preventive maintenance program is a must.
Establish preventive maintenance schedules and be alerted when service is due
NetFacilities CMMS solution makes it easy to setup comprehensive scheduled maintenance programs. The system will notify you when it’s time to perform set maintenance procedures by generating and sending work orders. NetFacilities will capture the service activities and repair costs once the work is completed. Planning and performing regularly scheduled maintenance helps keep your equipment online and in production, preventing delays of your deliverables, for increased profits.
Meet regulatory requirements and pass audits
Some companies are governed by regulatory standards in order to produce and sell their products. NetFacilities makes it easy to capture key information to produce quality reports that show compliant practices are met consistently. You can track warranties, and be notified of upcoming expirations, or move equipment around and track a history of its relocation. Important files, such as repair manuals, drawings, images, and documents, can be uploaded into the asset record.
Go mobile to streamline efforts and improve accuracy
Tag your equipment with barcodes, for better accuracy, and use MobileFacilities – our premier Android and iOS mobile app – to quickly scan and lookup the asset. Once located you can create a work order, record readings, view open and closed transactions, set offline or online status, and create and manage scheduled preventive maintenance activities. Asset management is full-featured on the app so techs can remain on the go with their smartphones and tablets while not being forced to find a PC to update records.
Contact us today to learn how we can help improve the way you manage your assets and discover why NetFacilities is the right choice.