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Key & Lock Management

Improved security across your entire organization
Increase security awareness of staff, contractors and suppliers, by restricting access to your organization’s keys. Traceability means not having to replace locks and keys due to loss. NetFacilities’ key and lock management system provides comfort and peace of mind.
Extended functionality allows for tracking the locations of locks and cylinder cores, key types, key groups, and key systems, in addition to tacking cabinets and hooks. Special pinning capabilities are offered for organizations having an in-house locksmith.
Learn how we can help transform your key and lock tracking practices into something more controlled, organized, insightful, and cost saving.
Key & Lock Management
Happy Customers, Happy Us

“NetFacilities meets our needs and expectations and we are able to track our performance and information that can be used to improve our program. We find it very easy to use and the NetFacilities support staff are very responsive every time we need training.”

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