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Job-Site Management

Simple – Flexible – Automated
If all you want is a simple work order tool, we’ve got that. Users can access the system through a secure login portal and, with just a couple of clicks, submit a request to be reviewed, approved, and assigned. Status change notifications keep the requestor well informed.
If you want something a bit more flexible, something with more advanced features like setting priorities, customizable approval workflows, individual, group, and vendor assignments, along with time and cost tracking, and dozens of other useful features, we’ve got that too.
How about scheduling work orders to automatically generate on set schedules that send reminder alerts to assignees when it’s time to perform a service or task? NetFacilities’ work order management does all of this and more.
Learn how we can help transform your job-site management process into something more organized, efficient, insightful, and empowers you to make better, more accurate decisions.
Job-Site Management
Happy Customers, Happy Us

“I would recommend this system to any company or government system that has a maintenance department. The ability to send, receive, and track work order progress makes communication and managing and our property much easier.”

Five Stars Trey Harville