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Maintenance Inventory Management

A Comprehensive Inventory Management Solution

Don’t lose sight of your inventory spending.  NetFacilities web-based software links all the people, places, and things you want to manage into one convenient system that includes inventory and parts management.

Track material use on work orders so you know what you are using, and where, along with the total cost that inventory use represents.  See what inventory is used on asset and equipment repairs or how often you are using a specific piece of inventory.

Track and Monitor Inventory in Real-Time

NetFacilities inventory management is a key component of our total facility, property, maintenance, and grounds management solutions. Having one centralized network for real-time collaboration on inventory, and related tasks, will help you get control over costs and see where you are spending resources on materials use. We offer assisted deployment to get your system ready use quickly.

Learn how we can help transform your inventory management process into something more organized, efficient, insightful, and empowers you to make better, more accurate decisions.

Maintenance Inventory Management
Happy Customers, Happy Us

“NetFacilities is a real solution for those of us who for years, have had to rely on lower end or internally designed “Maintenance Service Request” systems that always lack the robust features the make NetFacilities a win win solution for our company and our service providers. Knowing the customers needs will provide them with the quality solutions they need. NetFacilities gets this.”

Five Stars Phillip Burno Project Manager – OneWest Bank, FSB