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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CMMS and why do companies use CMMS systems?

CMMS is computerized maintenance management software used to manage facility and property operations such as work orders or asset maintenance. A CMMS system gets your company organized and on track with day-to-day mission critical maintenance activities. Many companies use paper, post-it notes, voicemail, e-mail, and facsimile to schedule or track maintenance requests (work orders) or scheduled maintenance (preventive maintenance) of assets and equipment. Using a CMMS streamlines the process so managers and staff can stay organized, connected and efficient.

What is included with NetFacilities?

NetFacilities has everything you need in one centralized, web-based CMMS solution. It’s designed to increase your efficiency by linking together all of your locations, buildings, managers, employees, tenants, vendors, and suppliers into one centralized network for workflow collaboration. Features include work order management, asset management, preventive maintenance, inventory management, vendor management, key and lock management, and more.

Is your system secure?

NetFacilities uses a 128-Bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the same security level used at financial institutions and other online service, so your login is safe and secure.

Who owns the data?

NetFacilities provides the system and our clients enter the data. You own your data at all times. This is an important part of your selection process. Some companies hold your data hostage, but NetFacilities will teach your system administrator how to take periodic data snap-shots. The data exports into MDB file format and may be used in your other systems (accounting, etc.).

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

NetFacilities is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provider. Our solutions are 100% web-based which means there is no software to install. We support, maintain, and update the system continuously. Our clients love the savings we deliver – no IT resources or hardware needed, no extra or hidden fees, and a secure system available 24/7 from anywhere you have an Internet connection and a modern web-browser, like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

What are the hardware requirements to use NetFacilities?

Technically, you do not need any hardware for NetFacilities, since we are a hosted solution. We provide the system, the system maintenance, and all other IT resources/hardware. You will, however, need computer systems with Internet and browser capability to log into your licensed domain. Our solutions are fully cross-browser compatible and works with PC and MAC environments.

How much do system enhancements cost?

System enhancements and upgrades are included for our licensed clients. System upgrades/enhancements show up seamlessly.

What is a work order and how can our organization benefit?

A work order, also known as a work request, is any requested item related to work on your facility, an asset or an area. Property managers use work orders to manage tenant requests, schedule daily work and protect building assets and equipment. Facility directors use work orders to manage tenant requests, maintain building assets and equipment, or schedule area maintenance for each facility. With online work orders your organization can reduce phone calls, office visits, faxes and e-mails. Your employees, tenants, managers and vendors have a powerful tool to stay connected and organized. No more searching through stacks of paper, endless voicemails or outdated emails and faxes. Real-time information, time- and date-stamped audit trails, no paperwork and information within the click of a mouse.

How can I manage assets on NetFacilities?

With your licensed NetFacilities domain you can see what you have and where you have it, across your entire portfolio. We teach you how to enter, configure and manage assets and equipment (like HVAC units, vehicles, equipment, etc.). Once you have your assets in the system, we teach you how to run automatic PM items (preventive maintenance items) to protect your assets. Collect critical data about each asset and see a unique work or repair history for each asset.

Which industries are using NetFacilities?

Property management companies (commercial and residential property management), facility managers, schools and universities, restaurants and hotels, health clubs and retail chains, and non-profit organizations use NetFacilities. Anyone who needs to keep track of facilities or properties needs NetFacilities.

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