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Education Industry

NetFacilities CMMS in Schools, Universities, and Colleges
Schools (K-12 & Specialty Schools), Universities, and Colleges manage hundreds, if not thousands, of assets, work requests, and tasks each day. The maintenance department responsible for so much work needs better ways to stay on task, connected with management, and get things done (efficiently) across multiple locations. Asset management (air conditioners, boilers, HVAC systems, computers, etc.) at each location involves many mission-critical tasks in the form of preventive maintenance, impulsive work orders, and inspections. Keeping up with this extensive workload, in addition to general facilities maintenance of grounds, classrooms, libraries, student housing, etc., requires scheduling, planning, and communication for effective and efficient responses (completion of tasks).
Increase your efficiency by linking together all of your school locations, buildings, managers, employees, faculty, students (if applicable), vendors, and suppliers into one centralized network for workflow collaboration. Track maintenance costs, performance, increase productivity, stop costly revenue leaks caused by asset failure, protect your assets with automatic PM items, streamline inventory, and lower the total cost of maintenance.
CMMS School Maintenance and Grounds Management

NetFacilities School, University, and College clients link together and manage administrative buildings, libraries, classrooms, student housing (dormitory), modular buildings, grounds, athletic departments/gymnasiums, auditoriums, fleets (busses, vans, etc.), campus medical facilities, faculty centers, and much more. We offer assisted deployment to get your system ready use quickly. Contact us to learn more about our facilities management system.