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Save Money with Preventive Maintenance for Equipment

Regular preventive maintenance as part of facility management is proven to extend the life of valuable equipment, furnishings, and even the property itself. The benefits of preventive maintenance are far reaching in facility management and can be optimized by using a CMMS, like the one from NetFacilities. The most noticeable way that coordinated preventive maintenance with a CMMS improves facility management is through cost savings.

Extend the Lifespan of Equipment and Property

Regular and timely preventive maintenance extends the lifespan of equipment and property. By sing a CMMS and setting up preventive maintenance procedure, you are ensuring that those processes are always carried out and never overlooked. Only by consistently executing preventive maintenance can facilities benefit from an extended lifetime for equipment and property.

The direct impact that preventive maintenance has on extending the lifespan of equipment and property does depend on consistency. The right CMMS will be able to automatically coordinate a consistent maintenance schedule for all equipment (after initial setup). Upon implementation, preventive maintenance will extend the life of your equipment or property almost instantly.

Protect the Value of Capital Assets

Preventive maintenance for equipment and furnishings is vital, and perhaps nothing is more important to avoiding catastrophic equipment failure and sustaining the value of assets. In other words, property managers must ensure that all necessary preventive maintenance is consistently performed in order to get the most out of their equipment.

Unfortunately, without coordination and a reliable tracking system, some aspects of preventive maintenance necessary for the property are overlooked or not performed consistently. A common mantra among property managers or technicians is “We’ll get to that later”.

But the failure to perform recurring preventive maintenance on a structure or an asset can be costly in the way of catastrophic failure or decay. For example, research reveals that failing to carry out the appropriate preventive measures on the exterior of a structure can result in costly repairs and further rehabilitation to restore a building to a suitable state.

The surest way of guaranteeing that critical assets and property retain their value is to implement a CMMS to coordinate the preventive maintenance process. NetFacilities CMMS is designed to provide everything required to coordinate timely and consistent preventive maintenance for all of the elements associated with a property – from the equipment to the structure itself.

Enhance Tenant Living Experience

A CMMS that coordinates preventive maintenance will be an invaluable tool for the owner and manager of rental property in more ways than one. The benefits include saving, or even earning more, money by elevating the overall experience of tenants.

A common complaint of commercial and residential tenants alike is that a property owner or manager fails to consistently care for the property. But the reality of that complaint is that this lapse isn’t usually due to negligence, it’s most often the result of an oversight.  Preventive maintenance needs can be difficult for busy property managers to consistently track.

The good news is that these types of oversights can be easily avoided with the use of a reliable CMMS.

Using a CMMS to coordinate preventive maintenance not only saves money on costs directly associated with equipment or a building itself, it also keeps tenants happier. The net effect of this is that positive tenant retention increases. When tenant retention increases, costs associated with owning and managing rental property drops, and usually significantly so.

Improve Overall Efficiency

Efficiency is critical when it comes to saving money. Time and again, one area in which inefficiency is a recurring problem is dealing with preventive maintenance issues. Inefficiency in this area includes wasted hours by staff or team time spent dealing with a preventable failure of equipment or issue on the property.

Another vital way in which CMMS-enabled preventive maintenance provides cost savings is through increased efficiency. For example, the use of a CMMS to coordinate and manage preventive maintenance significantly reduces the amount of staff time spent manually dealing with ensuring these tasks are properly scheduled and thoroughly completed. A CMMS will automate that process for your property, thus saving valuable time and money.

Using a CMMS not only increases efficiency directly associated with preventive maintenance, it frees up staff or team time. By freeing up staff time, team members can spend time addressing issues that otherwise might have been left on a backburner. This creates a snowball effect that eventually saving property owners money and increasing the overall value of the property.

In summary, a major objective of property owners and managers is to save money and increase value wherever possible. For all of the reasons listed above, and much more, well-coordinated preventive maintenance via a CMMS is a crucial tool in modern, efficient property management.