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Save Money with CMMS for Education

A computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS, is software used by maintenance teams in a number of different ways. CMMS assists with keeping track of an organization’s assets, scheduling and tracking maintenance tasks, and maintaining records of work performed.

Educational organizations are a prime example of an industry that benefits from CMMS software.

The maintenance departments in educational institutions of all types have a myriad of common responsibilities including:

  • Keeping students safe
  • Compliance with governmental regulations
  • Maintaining compliance with institutional rules
  • Managing inventory
  • Maintaining all aspects of the site

A typical maintenance department in an educational setting manages hundreds, if not thousands, of work orders simultaneously. It is not uncommon for hundreds, or even thousands, of work orders to be received by a maintenance department on any given day. Absent a solid maintenance management system, like CMMS for education, the sheer number of daily maintenance requests and orders could quickly prove to be overwhelming.

In recent years, maintenance departments at schools of all types, up to and including institutions of higher learning, have felt the ramifications of budget cuts. The reality is that when budgets are cut in schools, one of the first departments to feel the pinch is maintenance. In simple terms, maintenance departments have been forced to do far more work with much less money.

The financial state of affairs at nearly every school has made the implementation and use of CMMS software all the more crucial. It permits a maintenance department to function in an efficient manner that accomplishes its fundamental objectives, including keeping the grounds in good condition and the student population safe.

Boost Efficiency

Education CMMS software gives you the ability to enhance the efficiency of your school’s maintenance department. This is accomplished in a number of different ways including, but not limited to, the automation of the project work order life cycle. That automation feature addresses work requests and work orders and coordinates preventive maintenance schedules.

Enhance Collaboration

Education CMMS enhances collaboration by linking all maintenance sites, employees, and vendors as simply as possible, including:

  • Buildings
  • Managers
  • Employees
  • Vendors
  • Suppliers

The CMMS software solution brings all of the elements together in a single and centralized network. The coordinated centralization ensures easier and far better communication. It also is designed to effectively enhance collaboration between the moving parts of the maintenance department.

Better communication and improved collaboration will directly affect the efficiency of an educational institution. One of the most positive consequences of implementing a CMMS system is that projects and tasks are accurately tracked and more efficiently concluded. CMMS can help you ensure that the process and conclusion of a project is timely and well executed.

Protect Your Assets

The assets of any educational institution are subject to natural wear. In addition, they can breakdown or malfunction or they can be damaged,

CMMS software helps protect against some of these eventualities. For example, a preventive maintenance schedule keeps all elements of a school’s physical site in better operational and functional condition. Additionally, asset failures of all types are reduced, which aids in maintaining budgets.

Close Work Orders Quickly

With so many work orders being created and assigned on any given day, the vital necessity of closing them in a timely manner cannot be understated. CMMS software is highly effective at addressing the quick closure once a work order is completed.

This is accomplished through a central database in the software that organizes incoming work order requests. The centralization allows you to determine what work needs to be done and to prioritize that work. It also allows the assignment of a particular work order to the appropriate team member or members. In the end, this aids significantly in closing work orders with increased efficiency.

Automated Report Generation

Reports associated with institutional maintenance activity are central to keeping a site running smoothly. These reports assist you and others in identifying the necessities and trends when planning budgets. With CMMS software, you are also able to get up-to-date information about preventive maintenance issues and tasks as well as work orders.

Finally, reports serve to aid in tracking the efficiency and productivity of your staff and monitoring the performance of important institutional assets.

Accurately Track Your Assets

An efficient, cost effective school or university maintenance department must be able to accurately track all of the site’s assets. These include a wide range of items from computers to HVAC systems to lab equipment to lighting. CMMS software best ensures the accurate, real-time tracking of all assets, no matter what they are and no matter where they happen to be located.

Comprehensive tracking ensures that the condition of any and all assets are promptly available and maintenance is performed on a timely basis.

Enhance Productivity

Also associated with budgetary issues referenced above is the need for consistent maintenance department productivity. CMMS software works to ensure that a consistent preventive maintenance protocol and routine is established and followed by all staff. It also makes certain that human resources within the maintenance department at appropriately and efficiently utilized.

Prolong the Life of Equipment

One of the main benefits of proper preventive maintenance is extending the life of equipment. With the utilization of CMMS software, timely preventive maintenance is accomplished on a consistent basis, resulting in increased lifespans for equipment and other assets thus saving your organization valuable resources and money.

Maintenance Cost Savings

The different benefits of CMMS software outlined here all contribute to an overall savings of institutional maintenance costs. In this era of uncertain economic times, coupled with the budget cuts that schools and universities continue to face, CMMS offers education organizations a vital opportunity to stay one step ahead of unexpected costs.