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Inventory Management Across Multiple Locations

Before you can manage your inventory you need to know what is in your inventory. To eliminate this issue using inventory management software will give any FM the knowledge and understanding of what is in your inventory and start to create a data stream to ensure that you will always know what you have on hand or what you need to order.

NetFacilities’ comprehensive Inventory Management feature which is part of the web based CMMS tracks parts and supplies, such as paper products, light bulbs, belts, hoses, across multiple facilities, warehouses and closets. Our CMMS maintains this critical information because tracking inventory might be the missing key as part of an overall maintenance management.

For most organizations inventory will present a major source of costs and inventory management will play a major role in decisions, costs, inventory and ROI. When purchasing inventory you can do so before there’s a critical need, it allows you to possibly shop around for a better price and avoid the costs of expedited shipping or the hassle of needing someone on your staff to get something right away.

You may have any number of items, including SKUs, spare and replacement parts which a NetFacilities inventory management feature allows you track the number and the location of these parts at a moment’s notice. Knowing what you have, helps prevent you from needlessly ordering parts you already have, lowering your cost, saving you time and increasing your company’s profitability which all is part of successful  Preventive Maintenance.

Without an effective CMMS facility managers will have trouble keeping track of assets, inventory, locations and executing work orders. Having the right inventory at your fingertips allows Facility Managers to maintain a facility with the critical part of the operation preventing the unforeseen problems from happening.

The essential inventory management feature of a CMMS will help you work more efficiently, cut costs and increase ROI. Given the benefits of an inventory management feature, is it really worth the risk of not having it?

To learn more about how inventory management can help your business reach its goals in working more efficiently and cutting costs, contact us today by calling us at (866) 979-4300 or send us an email at sales@netfacilities.com