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Improve Company-Wide Visibility with Reporting and Analysis

Any CMMS will gather a lot of data. But that data won’t do you any good if it can’t be used in an intelligent and productive way. NetFacilities’ CMMS has an upgraded and powerful reporting and analysis feature which sets us apart from the competition. It gives Facilities Managers the power to put together data and turn it into reports that provide Leadership and others in the organization insight into the Facilities operation which will be customized to cut costs, prevent future issues and run the department more efficiently and at a cost reduction.

Create basic reports or more detailed multifaceted business intelligence (BI) by accessing work histories and predictive analysis, including Asset Life Cycle Analysis and Trends Analysis. You can use the whole scope of our full work order, asset and part summary and how to optimize efficiently for hitting KPI.

NetFacilities is the highly reviewed and rated CMMS option as it not only manages maintenance, assets, inventory, and vendors but adds the data and analysis needed to make immediate decisions. Reporting delivers the most important data to management in a comprehensive and customized way. Our powerful reporting tools, custom headers, and KPI trending allow for an extra level of depth and understanding.

·         Your analytics can progress a step further with Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound measures as part of your overall performance management system.

·         You can review work order response rates by personnel in a set time frame, downtime hours, total part valuations and more. KPI’s can be configured at an overall and user level for a tailored approach to help you drive your chosen actions for a greater, global successful strategy.

·         Powerful reporting tools won’t do you much good if you can’t figure them out. Our CMMS allows you to get the data you seek quickly and easily.

·         NetFacilities’ reports give you summary data, charts and graphs. Reports can be configured multiple ways so your data can give you the insight you’re looking for.

·         KPI dashboards provide current information at a glance. You can be alerted automatically by the system if targets aren’t being met.

·         You can see key performance trends by creating standard and repeatable reports for your most critical KPI’s and present them in any format.

·         You can create reports covering work order completion rate, past due work orders and requests and unscheduled work to track productivity and material usage

·         The system can automatically generate and email reports on a set schedule to anyone in your organization, providing maintenance transparency and improving organization-wide visibility. Automated scheduling of reports and KPI’s can also be emailed regularly to others. Because of complete reporting integration within the system there’s no need to switch applications.

NetFacilities’ CMMS has pre-defined reports in its system including,

·         Preventive Maintenance Future Detail

·         Preventive Maintenance Parts Needed

·         Preventive Maintenance Analysis

·         Work Order Summary

·         On-Time/Late Work Orders

·         Part Usage (by asset or part)

·         Labor Analysis

·         Department Analysis

·         Site Comparison

·         Category Comparison

·         Part Valuation

·         Physical Count

·         Part Detail and Summary

·         Asset Summary

·         Asset Cost Analysis

·         Trends Analysis

NetFacilities CMMS’ ability to analyze and report the wide range of data and information it collects can give you critical insight and understanding into a small part of your operation or how the entire operation functions.

To learn more about how we can help your business reach its goals by providing you with reports that help you better understand your business, contact us today by calling us at (866) 979-4300 or send us an email at sales@netfacilities.com