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How CMMS Software Optimizes Facility, Property, and Maintenance Management

No matter what industry, a business’ success rides on how smoothly its daily operations run. For facilities management, operational responsibilities fall primarily on a facility manager. 

Facility managers have to be the most knowledgeable about their facility, property, and maintenance needs. But more importantly, they need to be able to actualize those within their operations.

Even the most qualified manager needs help juggling these tasks. Enter computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software.

CMMS simplifies daily responsibilities to bring higher productivity, lower costs, and a better return on investment in the long run. 

Let’s look at how CMMS software can optimize facility, property, and maintenance management. 

What Is a Computerized Maintenance Management System?

Computerized maintenance management software is an approach to streamlining and simplifying a business’s daily operations. Companies no longer have to rely on pen and paper documentation for data collection (or spreadsheets for data tracking). 

As its name suggests, CMMS is a computerized software system that allows data to be stored and analyzed in real-time. This allows for a proactive business approach instead of reacting to mistakes and inefficiencies ex-post-facto. 

Managers can monitor and schedule maintenance as needed through an interactive digital platform versus waiting until after something has already gone wrong. 

CMMS software will streamline your team’s workflow for their facility, property, and maintenance management.

Facility Management

Starting with the broadest category, facility management, you’ll see how all-encompassing CMMS software is. 

  • Inventory Management:  Having insight into your inventory process allows your team to make better decisions instead of continually being setback. CMMS software allows facility managers to be proactive by tracking materials used for specific work orders and forecasting when to order more. Through understanding material usage in real-time, managers develop more efficient, long-term plans.

Inventory Management

  • Asset Management:  A combination of assets and inventory makes up a business’s material footing, making it crucial to keep track of all assets in an organized manner. CMMS allows managers to quickly find what they’re looking for by tagging an asset with a unique identifier or image. Some systems also allow assets to have a barcode, helping streamline maintenance requests.

Asset Management

  • Vendor Management: By digitally tracking the details, such as tax information, licensing, and insurance, CMMS removes the stress of dealing with vendors. This shifts the focus to maintaining personal relationships, rather than strictly following the minutia. Vendors can even be given access to their work orders through a secure login. Track the order and cost associated to provide more visibility to your team.

Vendor Management

Property Management

With facility details under control, you can start to think about how CMMS will benefit your property management process. 

CMMS software creates one easy-to-use platform for automated work orders, preventive maintenance, and portal services.

  • Work Orders: An essential aspect of any CMMS software is work orders. With a secure login, users can go in to review orders, share updates, and track expenses. Ease your process by setting schedules within CMMS software for contractors to follow and reminders as deadlines approach.


  • Preventive Maintenance – The best maintenance solution is one that fixes a problem before it happens. When something goes wrong, it causes significant setbacks. By tracking the latest maintenance orders, instituting regular check-ups, and setting fallback plans into motion, preventive management software keeps your team on target.


  • Tenant Portal Access – Managing your tenant’s needs can become cumbersome. Through Tenant Portals, your team gives control back to the tenant. A CMMS platform also gives you the ability to keep all documents up-to-date, from new standard operating procedures to comp. The portal also serves as a communication tool for your employees.


Maintenance Management

Lastly, it’s time to analyze how CMMS software better manages daily maintenance.

 ManagementFrom pre-existing work orders to new contracts, there are daily maintenance needs. CMMS software brings visibility into these activities and creates a more efficient workflow between management and employees.

However, the ultimate goal is to use previous maintenance requests to preemptively correct problems before they arise.

Computerized maintenance management systems are about proactivity, not reactivity. While it might take some time, in the long run, this approach cuts costs. Also, creating a more efficient process through streamlined communication in your CMMS software.

Where to Get Started with Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

Well, there you have it. A general overview of how CMMS works. Now, how do you choose one?

No matter what your business size, NETfacilities has the right tools for your team. For nearly two decades, we’ve helped thousands of users maximize their business’ maintenance management processes. 

Whether you are in the foodservice industry, healthcare, or even a governmental agency, our software system is maximized to benefit your organization. Our solution is optimized into a single, easy-to-use platform that guarantees success.

Here’s a quick look at how we accomplish this:

  • Scalability – Whether you are a small family restaurant or a company with multiple locations, NETfacilities is set up to handle your workforce. Your monthly subscription includes an endless number of users, allowing continual growth for your team. 
  • Experience – After working in the facilities management industry for over 18 years, our experienced team is dedicated to developing the best possible solution. 

We’ve been able to stand among giant players in the industry by listening to our users and developing their feedback.

The Setup Process

When you choose to work with NETfacilities, setup is easy as pie. 

We know that making sweeping changes to your business’ workflow and systems create a significant learning curve. With our hands-on approach, implementation is simplified. 

First, we meet with your team to discuss your business needs. After better understanding your needs, we recommend the right assortment of software to make your team successful.

We always consider our clients’ requirements before ever developing a platform. System templates are customized to your team’s processes, simplifying overall data collection. 

Once everything is imported into your NETfacilities system, we’ll give your team hands-on training. Post-training, your staff will be ready to manage their facilities, property, and maintenance management all through one platform. 

But we don’t stop there. Our customer success team is there daily to provide support for your team. From reaching out to our team to 24/7 access to our Knowledge Center, we walk with your team as they use the platform.


Start optimizing your team’s processes and get a better return on your investment with the NETfacilities CMMS software today!

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