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How CMMS Software Can Cut Your Maintenance Costs

If you manage a maintenance operation you’re probably not flush with resources. Your department may be the one where cost cutting seems to be at least an annual occurrence. One way to help better manage costs and make the most of your budget is to find ways for your department to work more efficiently. One was to do that is through NetFacilities’ Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) because CMMS software reduces maintenance costs.

A NetFacilities CMMS improves efficiency by using automation, eliminating paper trails and excessive administrative tasks as well as helping to ensure preventive maintenance occurs reducing the chance of downtime to equipment and staff due to unexpected repairs. This can increase efficiency across your entire organization.

·         Time and money is saved by reducing manual processing of information and data.

·         We will keep all your employees connected, from the tenant or employee level up, for real-time work order submission and asset and vendor management.

·         With PC or Mobile work orders to scheduled preventive maintenance, you can better protect every asset and every piece of equipment. This will increase the life-cycle and ROI of an HVAC, a company fleet of vehicles and manufacturing machinery.

NetFacilities Mobile CMMS Software, MobileFacilities is like having a command center in your pocket. MobileFacilities combines the ease of use and convenience of a smartphone or tablet with many of the broad spectrum of features that you’ve come to expect from our web-based desktop version.

NetFacilities includes: unlimited users, ongoing training and support, a simple user interface, a dashboard of critical information, work order management, complete asset and inventory management, scheduled/preventive maintenance, barcode scanning directly from your mobile device and vendor management and many other features. There is no need to continue adding and erasing critical information on paper and Excel spreadsheets that can be lost, deleted and many times forgotten.

Technicians will have more time and energy to spend on doing their jobs, and less on administrative tasks. Best of all there is no IT intervention needed.

·         With asset management features there’s the ability to scan barcodes to quickly retrieve a set records, and product images even in the field using MobileFacilities.

·         NETFacilities’ mobile inventory management solution allows you to review item details, request and receive new items, view real-time physical counts of inventory and attach items to work orders directly from the app,

Our fully automated, scalable work order management solution that can be used in multiple sites. It includes role-based access and permissions with complete asset tracking and inventory management including dashboard indicators for on-the-go professionals.

In the busy world of facility and property management, it’s nearly impossible to see everything that is or isn’t happening in the maintenance process. If you find out the expensive way because of asset failures or breakdowns and complaints from those who expect a request to receive immediate attention, you’re wasting your valuable budgets and the time and energy of your staff. Preventive Maintenance puts an end to loss of production costs and staff downtime while providing a corporate ROI.

If you want to learn more about how NetFacilities web based mobile CMMS software reduces maintenance costs, improve the preventive maintenance efficiency of your maintenance technicians, better track work orders and inventory and reduce the downtime of critical equipment call us today at (866) 979- 4300 or sales@netfacilities.com so we can help consult with you about your needs and how NetFacilities can benefit your staff meet goals.