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Going Green: The Paperless Approach to Work Order Management

Saving resources and going green is something many of us want to do, but at what cost? When it comes to NetFacilities work order management software the costs of going paperless are dwarfed by the benefits. Instead of piles of forms and papers you have a paper-free web based system that liberates you from paper.

The overall goal in using NetFacilities’ CMMS with work order management software is to automate functions. This eliminates the need for a paper trail and reduces administrative tasks boosting efficiency throughout your organization while increasing ROI.

·         Time, energy and resources are saved by cutting out manual processing steps.

·         Everyone is connected, whether it’s a tenant, employee or management, enabling them to submit work orders and enabling you to manage how they’re completed.

·         Automatic work orders allow preventive maintenance items to be scheduled without paper or calendars.

·         Our system is web based so there’s no need to print work orders or reports because it’s accessible anywhere, anytime, via PC, Smartphone and Tablet.

There are many benefits to a business when its life blood is no longer paper. In a paperless office,

·         Email replaces the need to print, send snail mail and ship documents to employees or vendors, cutting costs on postage and eliminating the budget for purchasing paper.

·         In a paper-heavy office your documents can be spread out in several different filing cabinets in several different rooms making information at your fingertips in seconds a reality.

·         A central, web and cloud based management system can be accessed by multiple people from any location. If your files are stored in one electronic location important information can be retrieved and shared much more easily.

·         The risks of losing important documents are less when information is kept on cloud computers.

·         With information stored electronically employees working in different facilities and vendors have access without the need for multiple copies of documents floating around. This improves efficiency and employee morale.

Due to today’s lean operation approach facility work order management software has never been more important. A paperless process and “green” approach to operations results in far less paper, printing and filing. In the past you may have wondered how many trees were sacrificed to enable your company’s paper-powered process but the real green to consider is the money saved by NetFacilities’ CMMS due to increased efficiency, the speed at which your department can react and decreased repair costs and downtime and increased ROI.

If you want to learn more about NetFacilities CMMS and how its worker order management software can not only save paper but save you time and effort, making your department more effective and efficient, contact us today by calling us at (866) 979- 4300 or sending us an email at sales@netfacilities.com