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Easy Communication with Tenants via a Tenant Portal

Communication is critical when it comes to ensuring that tenants are content and satisfied with their living situation. Not only is communication vital to ensuring tenant satisfaction with day-to-day living, it is also a key component of positive tenant retention. A good CMMS, like the one offered from NetFacilities, will be feature rich and include a tenant portal.

Broadcast Messaging to All Tenants

One of the features available with NetFacilities’ CMMS is broadcast messaging, the ability to send messages to all tenants. This feature gives property managers the ability to regularly communicate with tenants. A CMMS with tenant portal capabilities will make communication simple and easy, unlike some of the other available alternatives for property managers.

Other communications strategies, like group emails, will often fall victim to operational errors, failed deliveries, and automatic filtering so they aren’t the most effective or efficient solutions. On the other hand, NetFacilities’ CMMS is highly efficient because it is easy to navigate, use, and ensure the appropriate focused groups or the full ledger of tenants are included in any messaging attempt.

Focused Messaging

In addition to broadcast communications intended for all tenants, the right CMMS will allow property managers to send focused messages to targeted groups of residents. Whereas sending messages to targeted groups via standard emails systems is tedious and an inefficient use of time.

NetFacilities’ CMMS provides a tenant messaging feature that allows for easily targeted communication to specific groups of residents as needed. This ensures that the proper notifications and information go out in a timely, accurate, and cost-effective manner. This flexibility is invaluable when it comes to effective targeted communications with specific tenants.

Emergency Notifications

In emergency situations time is truly of the essence. Accuracy is crucial when communicating during an emergency. A mishap when it comes to timing or accuracy during an emergency can have potentially devastating consequences.

NetFacilities’ CMMS allows property managers to deal with emergency situations with ease. Using communication capabilities in the tenant portal, property managers can send out any type of necessary emergency alert without worrying about unnecessary obstacles in the process.

Keep in mind that when tenants know that a reliable emergency notification and communication system is in place, they tend to feel more secure and satisfied with their living situations. Happy, satisfied tenants are more likely to elect to stay at the property when it’s time to renew a lease.

Maintenance Notifications

Often there are recurring situations in which maintenance must be performed at a multi-unit residential complex on more than one unit at the same time. And while this can be a complicated process, another benefit of the NetFacilities CMMS tenant portal is the ability to communicate with specific tenants about the details of upcoming or recurring maintenance tasks.

For example, if a project will require the temporary shutdown of power to certain units, property managers can notify the tenants in those certain units with plenty of lead time to avoid any major inconvenience. A management team will be able to quickly notify the tenants in question, and then efficiently complete the project because all parties involved will be appropriately prepared.

Communicating in this way with residents about upcoming maintenance projects that may impact them also works to positively enhance a tenant’s overall feelings about a residential complex. Tenants understand that maintenance or repairs are a necessary part of living in a complex. While they may find maintenance a bit frustrating, what can be more troublesome for them is not having a suitable and reliable means of getting information or details about an upcoming project.

Event Notifications

A common practice in larger multi-unit communities is to schedule different types of life-enriching and fun events for residents. These events can include activities like:

  • Social gatherings
  • Recreational and fitness activities
  • Educational, enrichment, and learning opportunities

The key to the success of these events rests on word getting out to tenants in a timely manner. Oftentimes, well-meaning property managers plan different types of events and activities for a community, but then fall short in getting word out to residents about something on the calendar.

Thanks to modern CMMS systems like NetFacilities, getting the word out about an upcoming event or activity to tenants is easier than ever. And because the system is automated, the property management team doesn’t have to spend any valuable time getting the information out. In addition, a CMMS with tenant portal and message broadcasting ensures that no one is overlooked when it’s time to send out the invitations.