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Dedicated Tenant Portal Proven to Increase Tenant Retention

When tenants are asked to list why they elect to move from a leased property, the top responses typically include rent increases and poor communication between the resident and property management company. Time and again, a common refrain among tenants are that property managers have inadequate communication systems in place. Poor communication often leads to a snowball of unfulfilled maintenance or repair requests and eventual broken leases. So how then can property managers eliminate these obstacles and achieve better communication with tenants?

The best possible strategy for a property management company to both improve communication with tenants and increase tenant retention is to use a web-based tenant portal. NetFacilities offers a property management CMMS and tenant portal that is a prime example of a highly functional, user-friendly, and dynamic software that is perfect for today’s tenant demands.

Property Management CMMS with a Dynamic Tenant Portal

When it comes to communication between tenants and property management, NetFacilities’ CMMS is proving to be the preferred choice for a reliable, user-friendly system. There are a variety of ways that NetFacilities’ CMMS and its tenant portal enhance tenant satisfaction, including:

  • Resolution of Maintenance Issues
  • Addressing Security Concerns
  • Answers to Quick Questions
  • Reserving Property Facilities

Maintenance Issues

A tenant may otherwise be love his or her rented home. But all of those positive feelings can wash way in an instant if a tenant feels that he or she can’t get a prompt response from property management for a maintenance or safety issue.

A slow response to a maintenance issue may have worse consequences than a disgruntled tenant. For example if the need for maintenance stems from some type of emergency issue, a lack of a timely response to the request can result in permanent and costly damage to the premises.

When a tenant knows that they have access to a reliable portal in order to submit maintenance or emergency requests, they usually feel more comfortable and confident in their living situation. When an issue arises, tenants can notify the necessary party(ies) and the problem will be promptly fixed – thus laying the foundation for happier tenants and more quality tenant retention.

Security Concerns

We live in a time in which security is of the utmost importance.

Cyber security.

Personal security.

Residential security.

And so on.

Our list of security requirements is long and continues to grow.

A tenant portal is a powerful tool for solidifying a feeling of safety on the property and confidence in the property management company. When using a reputable CMMS, like the one from NetFacilities, tenants can have confidence in knowing that communications made through a designated portal will be confidential and secure. The more satisfaction and security associated with communication, the more content the tenants will be. That contentment will be added to the list of “pros” when a renter considers whether or not to renew a lease.

Quick Questions

Few things prove to be more aggravating for a tenant than not being able to get speedy answers to easy or time-sensitive questions. Time and again, tenants are frustrated about being dumped into automated voicemail systems only to find that no one calls them back in a reasonable period, if at all. The same is often true of an email approach. With shocking regularity these sometimes urgent communications go unanswered potentially leading to larger problems.

While this is frustrating in any situation, the level of aggravation can swiftly rise when a tenant has a simple question that can be answered quickly. In the end, a tenant who ends up unable to get answers to simply queries or communicate with property management will become more dissatisfied with a property and its management team. A tenant left in this position will be less likely to renew when a lease ends.

NetFacilities’ CMMS is an example of how this type of issue can easily be solved. With a user-friendly interface and rapid response capability, tenant questions will not go unanswered.

Reserving Property Facilities

With communication improving, operations will also become easier. Larger apartment complexes tend to have a variety of facilities and resources available for tenant use. The key is for a tenant to be able to easily reserve these facilities and resources. Unfortunately, if a tenant is consistently unable to make use of these amenities due to a confusing or lackluster reservation process, they will become frustrated and likely start looking for a property with easier access.

Many residential communities still use email or telephone systems, which are typically very inefficient and can result in highly frustrated and dissatisfied tenants. This can readily resolved with a CMMS that includes a tenant portal, like the one offered from NetFacilities.

When it comes to considering where to live, the importance of reliable communication, security, and user-friendly access are important details. As a result, a comprehensive property management CMMS that includes a tenant portal can prove to be an invaluable resource that significantly enhances tenant satisfaction and increases the retention rate.