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Convince Your CFO to Embrace CMMS

Put yourself in the shoes of your Chief Financial Officer (CFO). It’s his or her job to make sure all the numbers add up, money is invested in a project, work order or asset software purchase with as little risk as possible and be a contributing factor of ROI. Blue skies, big dreams and touchy feely probably isn’t a good approach. When you pitch CMMS to your CFO you need to use concrete benefits.

Your costs will be cut significantly

*Preventive Maintenance can lower operating costs 12-18%. Depending on how well your operation being managed there will be huge cost savings if your personnel can fully utilize the features of NetFacilities’ CMMS. Your operation will go from reactive to preventive. Facilities Management/CMMS software reduces the chances of important assets breaking down unexpectedly which can increase the cost of repairs and hurt operational efficiency. With Preventative Maintenance the life of your equipment will be extended delaying the capital costs of replacement. Increased control of engineering workloads, scheduling and inventory management will cut the operating costs of your maintenance department.

Lowering the risk of failures

Our intelligent reporting features make sure that data is used to provide a real time look into work orders, tasks, vendor costs, and inventory verification and all aspects of asset management.  A NetFacilities CMMS provides data that will provide immediate and accurate data which will take the guess work out of the question of, “Do we need to invest in new equipment?” Truthful reporting will demonstrate trends due to potential troublesome equipment, parts or contractors.

Increased productivity and ROI

If a single or multiple NetFacilities CMMS features are fully used we can help increase not just the productivity of the maintenance team but your facility as a whole while decreasing operating costs. When a facility performs scheduled, preventative maintenance when it’s needed, where it’s needed, your plant maximizes equipment uptime and lifetime, assets are operating at peak condition and productivity improves with lessened down time.

Team output improves with the mobility of a smart device utilizing a CMMS allowing field staff to cover one or multiple facilities while working with real-time information, checking and allocating stock or creating work orders without the need of a central PC at the home facilities location. Down time for your staff is reduced, Vendor costs are monitored and purchase cycle times are minimized.

To learn more about how we can help your business reach its goals in cutting costs and boosting bottom line revenue, contact us today by calling us at (866) 979-4300 or send us an email at sales@netfacilities.com

*Based on data from NetFacilities InfoGraphic June 2016