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CMMS Makes Easy Work of Managing Manufacturing Facilities

In this day and age, a considerable number of manufacturing enterprises operate from different facilities. One of the toughest challenges of the manufacturing industry is that leaders are coordinating operations at multiple facilities.

Computerized maintenance management software, or CMMS, is a vital tool for coordinating operations at different locations. There are a number of ways in which this type of comprehensive software can assist in better managing manufacturing operations at different sites.

Increasing Labor Production

A common objective for manufacturing industry leaders responsible for managing different facilities is overseeing labor productivity. The oversight of workers typically includes enhancing labor productivity and consistently proves to be one of the tougher challenges in multiple facility management scenarios.

The use of CMMS has been shown to improve the productivity of maintenance technicians. This in turn aids in protecting and even enhancing overall labor productivity throughout all facilities.

CMMS improves technician productivity by providing ready access to all information related to maintenance needs and issues. The comprehensive data available via CMMS includes everything from scheduled preventive maintenance to inventory data to lists of such things as necessary or required spare parts.

CMMS ensures that maintenance technicians can perform tasks of all types on schedule and without delay or interruption. As a consequence, other workers at a manufacturing facility are able to undertake and complete their tasks in a timely manner. Moreover, these objectives can be accomplished as part of a coordinated effort, with other workers at multiple locations.

Facilitating Maintenance Management Decision Making

Manufacturing CMMS is also significantly helpful when it comes to making decisions in a multiple facility maintenance management scenario. Among the many reasons CMMS is helpful across multiple site management is the fact that this type of software collects vital maintenance statistics. Armed with these foundational statistics, maintenance managers responsible for different locations are better able to track key performance indicators.

By tracking key performance indicators with this type of software solution, the process of maintenance reporting to company management or leadership becomes both more efficient and accurate. With this type of software, people up and down the management ladder have a comprehensive picture of maintenance issues, decisions, and objectives.

Ensuring Equipment at All Facilities Runs Efficiently

A key to keeping operations on track at multiple manufacturing facilities is proper equipment maintenance to ensure consistent and efficient operation. This represents another key area in which CMMS ensures that manufacturing leaders are best able to appropriately manage multiple facilities.

The bottom line is that if manufacturing equipment is not operating to specifications, not only does efficiency slide but product quality is apt to decline as well. Decline in product quality due to issues with manufacturing equipment ultimately results in dissatisfied customers and even a decline in revenue and profits.

CMMS software used to oversee multiple manufacturing plants aids in scheduling maintenance on a proactive basis to ensure that equipment stays fully operational, in good condition, and functioning efficiently.

If the equipment breaks down, that equipment can be addressed and repaired promptly. This can occur because CMMS allows for access to such data as the history of particular equipment as well as warranty information, manufacturer information, and any other associated information.

In addition, CMMS can track the inventory and supplies needed to repair manufacturing equipment. This type of tracking is crucial when the inventory and supplies that are needed to repair certain equipment can potentially be located at more than one location.

Reducing Costly Downtime at Multiple Locations

Every piece of equipment in any of a manufacturer’s different locations performs a vital and crucial role. If a piece of equipment breaks down at one location, it can wreak havoc on processes in all other locations. Indeed, if remediation and repair don’t start promptly, a major systemic collapse can occur for a manufacturer and such an event would be very costly.

CMMS lessens the risks of a breakdown that can cause widespread negative consequences thanks to coordinated and proactive maintenance on equipment. Moreover, when a breakdown does occur, thanks to CMMS intervention and repair can happen faster and more efficiently.

Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

Many manufacturers face issues surrounding regulatory compliance. Part of regulatory compliance nearly always involves proactive and delineated maintenance. Through CMMS, proper and regulatory necessary maintenance can be undertaken in a reliable and consistent manner.

In addition, regulatory compliance is not something that can be approached in a casual fashion. It cannot be left to chance. Computerized maintenance management software can be invaluable in ensuring that a manufacturing enterprise with multiple facilities remains fully compliant with regulatory procedure. In addition, it can also assist in identifying the prospect of an issue related to maintenance that could potentially result in a failure of some part of a multifaceted and multi-location operation falling out of regulatory compliance in some manner or another.

CMMS provides manufacturers with multiple sites the unique opportunity to minimize risk while maximizing performance and profit by eliminating confusion and streamlining workflow.