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CMMS Improves Tenant Retention

Research reveals four significant issues that are of the greatest concern to tenants:

  • Maintenance Problems
  • Communication Problems
  • Pest Problems
  • Noisy Neighbors

Maintenance issues, lapses in communication, pest problems, and noisy neighbors are all serious problems in and of themselves. If these issues are tended to promptly and thoroughly, most tenants would remain satisfied with their living situations. Unfortunately, with alarming regularity, these situations all tend to have something else in common: they are not addressed efficiently and result in tenants looking elsewhere for rental housing with more responsible management.

Using CMMS, computerized maintenance management software, can prove invaluable in establishing an effective system to resolve maintenance-related issues. With a tenant retention program that incorporates NetFacilities CMMS, the level of tenant satisfaction is increased. CMMS aids in desirable tenant retention in a variety of crucial ways.

Simple Process for Reporting Maintenance Issues

A common complaint heard from residential tenants discussing their property managers goes something like “I can never get a hold of property management when I have a maintenance issue.” While a slight exaggeration, that complaint can be a fair one in many situations. Tenants can often struggle to get property managers to pay attention to an issue in a reasonable amount of time.

CMMS provides an essential communication feature for tenants. It permits the easy reporting of a maintenance issue of any type. From a more routine task to a maintenance emergency that requires immediate attention.

A tenant no longer has to flounder when trying to figure out where and how to make a routine maintenance request, and how to get immediate assistance in a maintenance emergency. A tenant who is able to make a simple maintenance request without difficulty is a tenant who will end up more satisfied with the property owner or management company.

Rapid Management Response

The ability to easily submit a maintenance request is vital, but only part of the process. While CMMS benefits the tenant’s ability to communicate, it also allows the management company to rapidly respond to maintenance emergencies to prevent further damage to the property.

CMMS allows property managers to be alerted to, track, and complete a maintenance task in a timely manner without repeated intervention from tenants.

Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts

CMMS can prove vital to tenant retention programs due to the software’s ability to eliminate scheduling conflicts, which can impact both management and tenants alike.

A scheduling mistake on management’s side can result in the maintenance team being in the wrong place at the wrong incorrect time. It can also result in maintenance technicians being ill-prepared for a specific maintenance request, thus delaying the repair even further.

On the tenant side, a scheduling conflict can result in a deeply frustrated renter and a maintenance issue left unresolved. This negative effect is even more profound if a scheduling mishap involves an emergency maintenance issue. When scheduling conflicts occur, tenants get frustrated. And a frustrated renter is one who will be less inclined to re-sign when lease renewal time rolls around.

Reliable and Ongoing Communication Portal

Sometimes property managers already have a system in place through which tenants can submit a maintenance request, but after submitting they feel as if they are lost in some type of bureaucratic wilderness. The ability to reliably and continuously communicate with management or the maintenance team following the submission of a work order seems nonexistent, or so difficult that it becomes unnecessarily frustrating and time consuming.

NetFacilities’ CMMS is designed for user-friendly, reliable, and ongoing communication from the moment a maintenance request is submitted until the job is completed. A tenant is able to make inquiries and follow up if, for some reason, a maintenance technician did not appear at the designated time.

Tenants report that they are far more understanding of adjustments regarding maintenance requests if they know that have a reliable way to communicate with management. Tenants who don’t feel left in the dark will likely be more satisfied with property management.

Proper Allocation of Maintenance Resources

Tenant retention programs that include reliable CMMS ensure the best allocation of maintenance resources including:

  • Human Resources
  • Materials
  • Tools
  • Equipment

The proper allocation of maintenance resources ensures the prompt assessment and completion of a job. It also minimizes the expenses associated with maintenance functions overall. Lowered maintenance costs can contribute to keeping rents stabilized, which is one of the primary reasons that tenants re-sign at lease renewal time.


On many levels, comprehensive CMMS has been proven to be a major and positive factor in an overall tenant retention program. Without a CMMS like NetFacilities, a property management company and associated property owner runs the risk of losing tenants and will inevitably see a drop in tenant retention numbers.