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4 Reasons Spreadsheets Don’t Work for Facilities Management

Facilities management is the glue that holds your business together. When the air conditioner breaks, productivity goes right out the window with the cool air... Read More →

AMTdirect Announces the Acquisition of NETfacilities

Combination creates single lease and facilities management platform with built in FASB compliance across property and equipment leases CHARLOTTE, NC, September 25, 2018 – AMTdirect,.. Read More →

Easy Communication with Tenants via a Tenant Portal

Communication is critical when it comes to ensuring that tenants are content and satisfied with their living situation. Not only is communication vital to ensuring.. Read More →

Save Money with Preventive Maintenance for Equipment

Regular preventive maintenance as part of facility management is proven to extend the life of valuable equipment, furnishings, and even the property itself. The benefits.. Read More →

Dedicated Tenant Portal Proven to Increase Tenant Retention

When tenants are asked to list why they elect to move from a leased property, the top responses typically include rent increases and poor communication.. Read More →

CMMS: An Essential Tool for Key Tracking

A landlord or property manager has the legal obligation to keep track of the keys distributed for a rental unit. They must exercise all reasonable.. Read More →

Key Tracking: Security vs. Convenience

Tenant security is a main priority for landlords and property managers and key tracking is one way to help accomplish this. But convenience and efficiency.. Read More →

Property Management, Vendors, and CMMS

Property management firms rely on different types of vendors to provide a wide variety of services to tenants and properties. Oftentimes, a property management company.. Read More →