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Asset Management Program

Everything you need to properly manage your assets
NetFacilities’ Enterprise Asset Management solution tops the charts. It’s a best-of-breed solution packed with dozens of features. It’s well thought out modern design makes it easy for even the most novice user to navigate the interface.
Store key information about your assets
It’s incredibly easy to tag your assets with unique identifiers, input the make, model, and manufacture serial numbers, as well as upload an image so that everyone knows what the equipment looks like. Easily link your assets to their specific location on the property and organize them into groups of equipment types for better organization. You can even upload user manuals and other file types.
Greater ROI with advanced asset management features
Should you have a need for more advanced functionality there are many other features like barcoding, warranty tracking, setting up parent-child relationships, tracking meter readings, and even setting up nested triggers to generate work orders if recordings fall outside acceptable parameters set by you. Learn how we can help transform management of your assets into something more organized and efficient, while empowering you to make better, more accurate decisions.
Asset Management Program

Fully functional Asset Management on-the-go with MobileFacilities®.

Happy Customers, Happy Us

“NetFacilities is a really powerful tool for asset management. We originally signed up for this service to utilize it as a work order management tool for our company, but gradually began using the other features. With the amount of tradeshows that we handle, we began implementing the asset management functionality to keep track of our inventory and equipment and now I couldn’t imagine still using our old system.”

Five Stars Evan Lamont CEO – TLG Marketing