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Customized CMMS Solutions

CMMS Software

Increase the effectiveness and reliability of your asset management, facility management, work order management, and facility maintenance by using Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS). NetFacilities provides you with one central CMMS Software application that gives you comprehensive work order and preventative maintenance controls - all online or mobile with our MobileFacilities application in either iOS or Android for easy global access.

A Web Based cmms Software solution

Web based vs Installed - The primary difference between these two systems is where they are hosted. Web-based systems are hosted by a CMMS software provider like NetFacilities on servers we manage. It is deployed to users via internet connection. In comparison, installed systems are hosted on internal company servers and managed or controlled by the company themselves. 

NetFacilities offers an online CMMS Software package that can fulfill all of your maintenance management needs in one central location. Our solution is an online application, SaaS (Software as a Service), that can be accessed anywhere and at anytime by vendors and managers alike. The NetFacilities CMMS Software system is a seamless way of handling maintenance management across your business.

Avoid disasters by installing a CMMS Software system with an Asset Management and Preventative Maintenance feature. The most common use of CMMS Software system is to submit, schedule, and manage work orders while collecting and maintaining comprehensive data about facilities, properties, and assets.

This day and age with more people, places, and things it becomes more difficult to manage facilities than ever before. In the busy world of facility and property management, it is nearly impossible to see everything that is - and is not - happening during the maintenance process. Most of the time, we find out the hard way: through asset failures/breakdowns and mounting complaints from those who expect a request to receive immediate attention. Firms and maintenance managers seek increased reliability to avert such breakdowns and loss of production.

A 'Green' Approach

The overall goal in using a CMMS Software solution is to automate functions, eliminate paper trails and excessive administrative tasks, and increase efficiency across your entire organization. You save time and money by reducing manual processing steps and keeping everyone connected, from the tenant or employee level up, for real-time work order submission and management. With automatic work orders to schedule preventive maintenance items, you protect every asset or equipment item. Increase the life-cycle of air conditioning units, company fleet vehicles, and much more.

In today's world, day-to-day facility management is more mission critical than ever before. The process should be paperless to keep with a "green" approach to operations. NetFacilities' CMMS Software is totally available 24/7/365, all online, and without the urge for printing work orders or reports because it's accessible anywhere, via the Internet and with any electronic device.

Managing any facility, large or small, requires anticipating the unknown, managing unpredictable events, and getting work done quickly and on time with limited resources and time. CMMS Software systems are essential for businesses that don't currently use computerized facility maintenance to effectively and efficiently track and maintain all business functions and get rid of cumbersome paperwork. The result is saving time, money, and improving your response time without increasing daily hours or maintenance staff

CMMS Software from NetFacilities is a cost-effective solution because NetFacilities offers a seamless, web based software solution for work order management maintenance management, and total asset management. Reliability is crucial in facility management, and by using the Internet, our CMMS Software creates improvement in a virtually maintenance free environment that requires no downloads or installations.

NetFacilities deploys immediately and supports an unlimited amount of basic and power users. Since it is a web-based solution, there is no need for software installation and we provide on-going support for your designated site administrators. We offer assisted deployment to get your system ready use quickly. 

Get Total Property Management with CMMS

NetFacilities is a comprehensive Facilities Maintenance Management system for total property maintenance and management. We enable those managing maintenance operations to link every employee, location and asset in one central network for real-time collaboration. We help you get trained on our easy to use system quickly so you will start saving money, time and energy managing your facilities, assets, employees and even vendors.

A NetFacilities CMMS Software solution is web/cloud based. NO Installation needed or required.  NetFacilities hosts our web-based system on servers we manage and available to users via internet connections and for mobile all you will need is WiFi. This is all contrary to Installed systems which are hosted on your servers and managed or controlled by your company or an IT company that you hire with extreme upfront and upkeep costs.

Those using a CMMS Software will improve and maintain their properties while saving time and money. Just a few of the NetFacilities’ CMMS Software solution features include:

·         Management of multiple locations with one database

·         MobileFacilities our Award Winning mobile application

·         Storage and navigation of documents such as safety and warranties 

·         Easy retrieval of information, labor scheduling and work orders

·         Preventive Maintenance Management for equipment and assets

·         Monitoring of energy use, building costs and equipment warranties

Our web-based CMMS software connects all the people, facilities and things you manage into one convenient system. NetFacilities users will be able to:

·         Reach out to all your team members (including vendors) on work orders and requests, scheduled action items, asset management and preventive maintenance scheduling.

·         Manage every asset across all of your facilities and properties to protect your investments and improve productivity by reducing the risk of equipment failures caused by missed preventive maintenance.

A NetFacilities CMMS Software allows you to track and manage all of your assets and automate Facility Management Schedules. Based on historical data our comprehensive work order management tools provide users the ability to:

·         Keep employees and vendors connected to facilitate collaboration and for scheduling and labor cost-tracking.

·         Generate Facility Management Work Orders for each asset, preventing expensive mistakes 

Managing people and assets across multiple properties would normally be difficult, if not impossible, without the right information to help you make decisions. NetFacilities provides you total visibility of reports by facility, building, service type, vendor and more. This easy to use information will help you get organized and keep everyone on task. We offer Vendor Cost Tracking so you can be sure there will be equal costs from Vendors on multiple properties. It is always nice to be sure you are paying for exactly what you asked for and at the price all locations are paying. NO MORE Padding of work orders!

While you are helping your employees do their job, we will help you do yours. We provide on-going help desk support for your designated site administrators.