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Work Order Software & Management

A Practical Solution For Work Order Management

Managing your work orders can sometimes seem like a full-time job, making it difficult to focus on fulfillment those orders or concentrate on growing your business. There are many options out there for work order software, and many of them provide effective tools that can help you manage your business. However, most work order software programs share a common flaw; it is software based, requiring regular installations and updates. Furthermore, workers must be on devices with compatible software in order to make changes to existing work orders or create work orders. 

What this means is that a mobile office may not truly be mobile, and a task that should only take a few seconds ends up taking several minutes. A few minutes may not seem like an incredible loss, but when you magnify that times several times a day and across of all your employees, you see that a few minutes can literally add up to hours or days of lost productivity.

The Work Order is the most used feature of the software. Sometimes time is precious for maintenance requests so you need a simple and fast solution to create a Work Order. Our web-based Work Order solution can be used in the office or in the field providing you the ability to fill out a work order anywhere and notify those attached to the project in seconds. NetFacilities software gives you the power to define and assign several tasks to an unlimited user group fast and easy. 

Log all your hours and products used to complete your work orders. Then run comprehensive reports to see everything that is, has, or will happen at your facilities or across all your properties. Comprehensive reports that include:

  • Collecting cost for work items
  • Calculating completion ratios and performance
  • Following up with interactive discussions
  • Verifying tenant and requester satisfaction...And much more

Easy to use, registered users may submit work orders, which are then transmitted to the appropriate person for fulfillment, omitting the need for intermediaries for routine requests, but allowing for modifications for requests for permission. In addition, it can help you keep track of costs associated with each work order, by allowing you to track the time and products spent on each work order. In addition to tracking work orders, the same software can help you by: calculating completion ratios and performance; collecting cost for work items; following up with interactive discussions; and verifying tenant and requester satisfaction.

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NetFacilities includes unlimited users with your license so you connect everyone in one place for work order submission, management, and collaboration. Our online solution collects your complete history for work orders, area maintenance, asset repairs, inventory use, and preventive maintenance items, all in one centralized network on the Internet. You don't have to install bulky software, worry about software updates or who has the software installed where. You get all the benefits of work order management software where it's accessible to an unlimited number of users all on the web.

Work orders, long seen as something easily achieved using paper and pen or with spreadsheets, have come a long way. Not just for desktops anymore, work orders can be handled using technology options that include smart phones and tablets. Most CMMS solutions include options to remotely assign work to specific personnel, assign a due date and track the hours it took to complete the maintenance. More configurable software also allows you to track your vendors, link to your assets and inventory, take pictures of invoices and attach them to the work order record, assign sub-work orders for maintenance requiring a more complex solution, and populate ­fields directly related and linkable to your ­maintenance software.

Linking to ­financial software makes work orders less of a conflict for facilities management and maintenance. The ability to have all charges related to an approved work order transmit directly to ­finance with the appropriate codes means no longer having to track down and generate reports and receipts, since they are all located in the same container of information. Does this mean ­finance may have more information than they will need? Not necessarily.

NetFacilities is developing a financial API feature of our CMMS that allows facilities management and maintenance to make it easier for each department to track and report by department, employee and budget. This confi­gurability allows ­finance to receive only the information they need or want to do their jobs, while allowing facilities maintenance to input as much data as they need to create an accurate record of the work done and track resource allocation.

Preventive Maintenance and Management

Preventative maintenance is also a feature which is user definable and determines asset life cycle by being protected against reactive repairs. Generates unlimited work orders while performing preventive maintenance tasks. Provides real data for asset life cycle. Reduces maintenance costs by minimizing downtime. Provides a plan for future parts needs based on scheduled maintenance and lowers your reactive repairs through efficient equipment checks

Submitting work orders is simple. Login to the system using your secure username and password, select the site, date, building, and area, then type your request to submit work orders in real-time. Work orders are distributed to the appropriate person for approval. You can even get approval during the creation process for real-time assigning to in-house maintenance staff, building engineers, vendors, and more.

Time and date stamped audit trails create accountability with total tracking of all work orders, regardless of their origin, so you get the real story every step of the way. Instant delivery of work order notifications via email, instant messenger, on-screen pup-up, or your hand-held device for real-time work order management. You'll see all the details you need, including:

  • Who made the request
  • When it was received
  • Who received it
  • When it was completed
  • All inside communications

You won't have to find your employees to determine if and when a work order was complete. It's all right at your fingertips. You will get more done in less time, and collect the critical data you need for better facility and property management planning