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Property Management

Property Management Software that keeps you Organized.

Property Management For Commercial and Residential 

Get total Property Management with NetFacilities, manage every Property/Building portfolio wide, including assets and PM items, maintenance staff, vendors, contractors, inventory items, tenants, and more.

NetFacilities deploys immediately and supports unlimited users. Since it is a web-based solution, there is no need for software installation and we provide on-going support for your designated site administrators. We offer assisted deployment to get your system ready use quickly. The solution is accessible anytime, 24/7, wherever you have an Internet connection either on a PC or your Mobile Device.

Property management is a hectic and dynamic environment making it impossible to know what each day, let alone each hour, will bring in the way of problems, complaints, and requests. Just the tenant phone calls, emails, and faxes can take away your entire day with endless follow up calls, phone tag, and answering emails. NetFacilities clients take advantage of unlimited users by allowing tenants to submit and track their work requests (work orders) in real-time, which reduces phones calls (emails and faxes) and keeps your tenants involved in the process (in other words, keeps your tenants happy).

NetFacilities links together every person, place, and thing in one system for total visibility from the top down. Upper management uses NetFacilities to see the entire portfolio and sort through critical historical data to help identify where additional staff may be required. Property managers and support staff can schedule every recurring preventive maintenance item for every building asset. In-house maintenance staff can receive work order assignments, manage their tasks, and submit completions in real-time.

The system also includes vendor and inventory management so you may include every outside vendor or contractor (no additional charge) for real-time work order collaboration. The inventory function allows for automatic re-order levels on building supplies and parts (light bulbs, etc.). When a work order completion includes inventory use, the system will automatically deplete the inventory.

Protecting the assets of each building and keeping tenants happy (and in long term tenancy) is the only way to keep your portfolio profitable. NetFacilities protects every asset, enhances tenant relations, organizes your maintenance and property management team, and allows vendors a better way to continue providing great service at your properties. Click here to learn more about Property and Building Maintenance.