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One-Stop Solution for Total Facilities Management

NetFacilities web-based Facilities Management software links all the people, places, and things you want to manage into one convenient system. Collaborate in real-time with all team members, including vendors, on work orders, work requests, scheduled action items, asset management and preventive maintenance scheduling. NetFacilities Facilities Management software enables you to manage every asset across all of your locations (buildings/properties/job-sites) and protect your investments from needless failures due to missed preventive maintenance. 

By using a NetFacilities CMMS you can track and manage unlimited assets and autopilot Facility Management Schedules which will run automatically for the life of the asset or on autopilot. Our system automatically generates Facility Management Work Orders for Each Asset, preventing costly oversights that could deplete your maintenance budgets. Our comprehensive Work Order Management tools keep everyone connected for collaboration, scheduling and labor cost-tracking using historical data.

Enjoy total visibility of reports by facility, department, service type, vendor and more. NetFacilities will get you organized and keep everyone on task. We offer assisted deployment to get your system ready-to-use quickly. Our web-based solution eliminates the need for special hardware or software and includes on-going support. All designated users can access the system 24/7 wherever there is WiFi or an Internet connection.

With Facility Management software from NetFacilities, you can manage every asset across all of your locations (buildings/properties) and protect your investments from needless failure due to missed preventive maintenance schedules. NetFacilities' computer aided Facility Management software (CAFM aka CMMS) allows unlimited assets and autopilot PM schedules (these run automatically for the life of the asset). The system automatically generates PM work orders for each asset, preventing costly oversights that could bleed your maintenance budgets dry.

Comprehensive work order management keeps everyone connected for collaboration, scheduling, and labor cost tracking (comparisons using historical data). The system provides total visibility from the top down, including reports by facility, department, service type, vendor, and more. A NetFacilities Facilities Management software will get you organized and keep everyone on task.

CMMS Success Story: Facilities Management

One of our customers is a Facilities Management Service Provider, offering general maintenance, including cleaning, contracting, security and fire-fighting services to clients in industries such as education, residential, Commercial, banking and retail.

The primary driver that FM to search for CMMS was the need for a flexible, web-based solution that could be easily adapted to fit each client’s diverse needs, and could be accessed remotely. The company selected NetFacilities CMMS, and is integrating the system all across FM’s business processes. Benefit of the system include:

Improved customer satisfaction through seamless work request process
Reduced lost time by 40-45%
Maximized performance and efficiency by analyzing weaknesses
Transparency through tracking costs, updates, invoicing, spare-parts usage and labor hours
Improved work turnaround time to exceed customer expectations


Comprehensive Facility Management When You Need It

NetFacilities Facilities Management software is a comprehensive system for total facility, property, maintenance, and grounds management. Link every person, place, and thing, together in one centralized network for real-time collaboration. We offer assisted deployment to get your system ready use quickly.

NetFacilities Facilities Management software deploys immediately and supports unlimited users. Since it is a web-based solution, there is no need for software installation and we provide on-going help desk support for your designated site administrators. The solution is accessible anytime, 24/7, wherever you have an Internet connection.

The biggest barrier, of course, is managing the three C’s – complexity, change and conflict. It seems only natural that using a CMMS system will resolve most issues arising from the three C’s, and at the start it will seem like an extraordinary amount of work. We can assure you it’s not, and if the plan is to implement a CMMS, based on our records, over time this system will generate a more complete picture of your buildings and facilities maintenance concerns in a way that makes the data entry easy and the emerging picture of complexity and change more manageable as well increase an ROI that will aid the bottom line.

The big four of maintenance resource planning (work orders, assets, inventory and preventive maintenance) is designed to overcome the conflict that comes with change and also to achieve the goals of a CMMS. Taking a look at what each of these do individually helps make long-term planning more feasible and contributes positive information to a CMMS implementation. Key to a strong Facilities Management software solution is being configurable in a way that works for you, which is integral to the NetFacilities platforms (Mobile & PC), and seeks to reduce the complexity, change and conflict, associated with a web based implementation of any kind.

Work Orders

Work orders, long seen as something easily achieved using paper and pen or with spreadsheets, have come a long way. Not just for desktops anymore, work orders can be handled using technology options that include smart phones and tablets. Most Facilities Management software solutions include options to remotely assign work to specific personnel, assign a due date and track the hours it took to complete the maintenance. More configurable software also allows you to track your vendors, link to your assets and inventory, take pictures of invoices and attach them to the work order record, assign sub-work orders for maintenance requiring a more complex solution, and populate ­fields directly related and linkable to your ­maintenance software.

Linking to ­financial software makes work orders less of a conflict for facilities management and maintenance. The ability to have all charges related to an approved work order transmit directly to ­finance with the appropriate codes means no longer having to track down and generate reports and receipts, since they are all located in the same container of information. Does this mean ­finance may have more information than they will need? Not necessarily.

NetFacilities is developing a financial API feature of our CMMS that allows Facilities Management software and maintenance to make it easier for each department to track and report by department, employee and budget. This confi­gurability allows ­finance to receive only the information they need or want to do their jobs, while allowing facilities maintenance to input as much data as they need to create an accurate record of the work done and track resource allocation.


Central to the BIM theme is making buildings easier and less expensive to operate. Why then, are assets the last items people think of tracking? Everything contained in each building is an asset, as well as the vehicles used to transport items from building to building. To reduce complexity, NetFacilities advocates embracing maintenance resource planning from the beginning – when you build or purchase the asset, and tracking that asset from cradle to grave.

 At the outset, it is easier to create a comprehensive view of each asset if all the information about the asset is available. In a Facilities Management software that allows you to hold all the data, the optimal information includes all purchasing and warranty information, the asset tag information, a serial number, manufacturer information, department assigned to a preventive maintenance materials list. The NetFacilities solution will also allow you to assign the asset to a group or subgroups, attach images of documents,  purchase and other receipts, asset data and work order histories, and depreciation/valuation and replacement estimates. Again, in a comprehensive CMMS, the data generated here is easily transmitted and accessible by the ­finance team for reporting.

 Inventory Management

When speaking of assets, it’s difficult not to include inventory in the conversation, and inventory does add an extra level of complexity to assets. For instance, is a hammer an asset or inventory? What about vehicles? The short answer to these questions is they are often answered by the ­finance category they are allocated to by either the controller or the PO classification.

Another question frequently associated with inventory is what does it really have to do with BIM? As anyone who has storage full of inventory knows, each item in inventory can carry a different cost per unit depending on whether it was purchased as a stock item or on a bid, who the vendor and manufacturer were and how many ‘walk’ away from their assigned location, because, after all, it’s just a hammer, gallon of paint or old printer. In the global view of BIM, tracking inventory by price, matching inventory used for each asset by work order documentation and maintaining a clear picture of what your inventory looks like is crucial to not only reducing costs, but to ordering effectively and maintaining ‘just enough’ in storage to function, but not so much your storage is full of items you don’t need now and won’t need for some time.

Imagine tracking an asset, like an HVAC system, from the date of purchase and effectively keeping the inventory required to repair the asset or have the asset repaired. And then use that information to accurately forecast when you will need to designate parts and labor, provide ­finance with the information needed to accurately depreciate the value of the asset, and budget the upgrade or replacement asset during just the right budget year. Your CMMS can do that for you, when used correctly to achieve your BIM goals.

The best option is to invest in a system that provides a single source of secure information and is configurable to your business needs to promote consistency of processes.

Sounds simple, right? It is.

Preventive Maintenance

Achieving BIM goals relies heavily on an element of Facilities Management software that is frequently spoken of, but generally executed in a haphazard manner. It just seems so easy to have your facilities manager or worker note in the back of their mind or on a spreadsheet any preventive maintenance required, such as when the ducts need to be re-caulked to maintain maximum environmental efficiency - keeping the heat inside the building during winter months. That just really isn’t accurate, or efficient.

Much more efficient to use a fully conjured CMMS like NetFacilities to pre-set the preventive maintenance dates, materials required and link to past work orders so you can see what was done last. Then have it email a generated work order to the necessary parties automatically, update the asset record, remove any inventory used and allow the worker to close the work order, notifying the facilities manager the work is complete. At that point, you can rest assured your assets are well taken care of and won’t result in unnecessary surprise expenses when or if it breaks due to lack of preventive maintenance.

Taking preventive maintenance one step further, a NetFacilities Facilities Management software allows you to generate reports that will show if two or more assets purchased around the same time are ‘aging’ at the same rate. Increased preventive maintenance, like oil or brake pad changes, might illustrate a need for change.