Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis

NetFacilities powerful CMMS has an upgraded and intense reporting and analysis feature. Generate basic reports on single work orders and assets to complex business intelligence using histories and predictive analysis, such as Asset Life Cycle Analysis and Trends Analysis. Access the depth of NetFacilities' comprehensive work order, asset, and part summary screens to home in on critical data, then apply any report for even greater visibility. 

When comparing CMMS solutions, NetFacilities is the best choice to not only manage maintenance, but to report and present powerful data to decision makers. The incredibly powerful reporting tools available, custom headers, KPI trending and more can easily be added to reports to give users an added level of depth to their analytics.

Gain Strategic Insight with NetFacilities Reporting and Analytics

NetFacilities allows you to take your analytics a step further with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gauge your Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound measures as part of your overall performance management system. Stay on top of work order response rates by personnel within a designated period of time; downtime hours; total part valuations, and more. Configure KPIs at the global and user level for a targeted approach to help drive the desired actions for an overall successful strategy.

Running Reports from Your CMMS Should be Simple

The powerful reporting tools built into the NetFacilities CMMS make getting access to the data that you need fast and nearly effortless. NetFacilities’ reports provide summary data, charts and graphs, and high configuration ability, making the data you are collecting work for you.

KPI dashboards ensure that real-time information is available at a glance, and alerts can be sent automatically by the system when targets are not being met.

NetFacilities’s robust and configurable reporting feature gives you the power to assemble the data you have been collecting within your CMMS and transform it into reports that are meaningful to you and others in your organization.

Spot Key Performance Trends

Build standard and repeatable reports on your organization’s most important KPIs, and output them in any format.

Track Productivity & Material Usage

Generate reports on work order completion rate, past due work orders and requests, unscheduled work, and more

Improve Company-Wide Visibility

Auto-generate and email reports on a pre-set schedule to anyone in your organization, providing maintenance transparency. Automated scheduling of reports and KPIs that can be emailed regularly to others. Complete reporting integration within the system, alleviating the need to switch applications

Some of the pre-defined reports in NetFacilities include, but are not limited to:

Site Executive Summary
Preventive Maintenance Future Detail
Preventive Maintenance Parts Needed
Preventive Maintenance Analysis
Work Order Summary 
On-Time/Late Work Orders
Part Usage (by asset or part)
Labor Analysis
Department Analysis
Site Comparison
Category Comparison
Part Valuation
Physical Count
Part Detail and Summary
Asset Summary
Asset Cost Analysis
Trends Analysis