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Inventory Management

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) inventory are the supplies used to maintain facilities, plants, manufacturing lines, etc. By effectively managing inventory, organizations can increase productivity, decrease downtime, reduce spending on parts, and boost production operation.

With a NetFacilities CMMS Inventory Management and tracking tools, organizations have the power to manage inventory across multiple locations with ease. Take your MRO Inventory Management to the next level by purchasing and receiving parts, associating parts with assets and PMs, and quickly locating inventory items.

Track and maintain all your spare parts in one, easy-to-use CMMS system 

Associate your parts to assets, or assets to particular parts to further control your parts management. Adapt NetFacilities' Inventory Management to your parts consumption process, either within work orders, preventive maintenance, or through manual updates, and manage one part in numerous locations or many parts in many locations as needed. Link any number of parts into a kit for a PM to make an individual job easier when working with a large quantity of parts. Reserve parts for future work orders while dispatching parts for immediate usage, and a NetFacilities Inventory Management module automatically refreshes your available part quantity. Create advanced workflows within a NetFacilities CMMS to auto-deplete or auto-dispatch parts based on the status of a work order. The breadth of a NetFacilities Inventory Management enables you to search for parts locally for your site or across other sites for true inventory management. 

The NetFacilities Inventory Management software module provides several useful capabilities that save the maintenance manager time while adding consistency to the spares usage for all maintenance management purposes. There are several ways to use spares on work orders, preventive maintenance, downtime and for unspecified equipment use.

Work orders - manual linking of needed parts from the work order screen
Work order templates - automatic parts usage from previously linked parts lists when new work order created from template.
Downtime - manual usage of parts against downtime instance. Note: usually makes more sense to link the parts for downtime to the repair work order instead of the downtime record
Preventive maintenance - use manually on-the-fly
Preventive maintenance - use automatically when PM is closed

Inventory Management Audits and Reporting

The NetFacilities Inventory Management capability extends to auditing and extensive reporting. Auditing capability uses physical inventory audit techniques to report on shortages and excesses. As with all additions to the software if this new capability is needed by the maintenance manager then use it, otherwise dont add it to your customized module selections.