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CMMS Online - A Complete Web Based Management Solution

Our Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) includes a preventative maintenance feature. The most common use of CMMS is to submit, schedule, and manage work orders while collecting and maintaining comprehensive data about facilities, properties, and assets. In the busy world of facility and property management, it is nearly impossible to know the maintenance status of assets when they are distributed across a large area. Often it's only when assets fail or breakdown or the number of complaints increase that service requests are submitted and require immediate attention; or, we wait until more assets breakdown to address the repairs. Firms and maintenance managers seek increased reliability to prevent such equipment breakdowns Learn More

Web-Based Work Order Software

Managing your work orders can sometimes seem like a full-time job, making it difficult to focus on fulfillment those orders or concentrate on growing your business. There are many options out there for work order software, and many of them provide effective tools that can help you manage your business. However, most work order software programs share a common flaw; it is software based, requiring regular installations and updates. Furthermore, workers must be on devices with compatible software in order to make changes to existing work orders or create work orders. What this means is that a mobile office may not truly be mobile, and a task that should only take a few seconds ends up taking several minutes. A few minutes may not seem like an incredible loss, but when you magnify that times several times a day and across of all your employees, you see that a few minutes can literally add up to hours or days of lost productivity. Learn More

Preventive Maintenance Software

One-Stop Solution for Total Facilities Management NetFacilities web-based software links all the people, places, and things you want to manage into one convenient system. Collaborate in real-time with all team members, including vendors, on work orders, work requests, scheduled action items, asset management and preventive maintenance scheduling.

NetFacilities enables you to manage every asset across all of your locations (buildings/properties/job-sites) and protect your investments from needless failures due to missed preventive maintenance. By using NetFacilities' CMMS you can track and manage unlimited assets and autopilot Facility Management Schedules which will run automatically for the life of the asset or on autopilot. Our system automatically generates Facility Management Work Orders for Each Asset, preventing costly oversights that could deplete your maintenance budgets. Our comprehensive work order management tools keep everyone connected for collaboration, scheduling and labor cost-tracking using historical data. Enjoy total visibility of reports by facility, department, service type, vendor and more. NetFacilities will get you organized and keep everyone on task. We offer assisted deployment to get your system ready-to-use quickly. Our web-based solution eliminates the need for special hardware or software and includes on-going support. All designated users can access the system 24/7 wherever there is an Internet connection. Learn More

CMMS for Property Management Commercial and residential

Manage every Property/Building portfolio-wide, including assets and PM items (Preventive Maintenance), maintenance staff, vendors, contractors, inventory items, tenants and more. Property management is about solving problems, responding to complaints and accommodating requests. From tenant phone calls and e-mails to faxes and phone calls, your entire day can be monopolized by playing phone tag with vendors or service technicians. NetFacilities allows building tenants to submit and track their work order requests in real-time, which reduces phones calls, e-mails and faxes while including your tenants in the process, giving them a sense of control of the situation.

NetFacilities` web-based property management software links all the people, places, and things you need in one collaborative system. Communicate, in real-time, with all team members on work orders, scheduled action items, asset management and preventive maintenance scheduling. including tenant generated work orders. Upper management will have access to the entire portfolio and be able to sort through critical historical data to help identify where additional staff may be required. Property Managers and Support Staff can schedule recurring preventive maintenance items for every asset. In-house Maintenance Staff receives work order assignments on their mobile device and can then manage their tasks, and submit completions, in real-time, from the field without having to sit at a desk.

The system also includes a Vendor Management Tool to create a database of vendors or contractors (at no additional charge) and interact with them in real-time. Allowing your vendors to access a portal to close-out their work assignments in real-time helps them stay organized and do a better job for you. The Inventory Management function automatically tracks re-order levels on building supplies and parts (light bulbs, hand towels, belts, etc.). When a work order completion includes inventory use, the system will automatically deplete the inventory. Protecting the assets of each building and keeping tenants happy is the only way to keep your portfolio profitable. NetFacilities protects every asset, enhances tenant relations, organizes your maintenance and property management team, and provides vendor access so they may continue providing great service at your properties.

NetFacilities deploys immediately and supports unlimited users. Since it is a web-based solution, there is no need for software installation and we provide on-going support for your designated site administrators. The software is accessible anytime, 24/7, wherever there is an Internet connection. Learn More

School Solutions

CMMS in Schools (K-12 & Specialty Schools), Universities, and Colleges, manage hundreds, if not thousands, of assets, requests, and tasks each day. The maintenance department responsible for so much work needs better ways to stay on task, connected with management, and get things done (efficiently) across multiple locations. Managing the many assets (air conditioners, boilers, HVAC systems, computers, etc.) at each location involves many mission-critical tasks in the form of preventive maintenance, impulsive work orders, and inspections. Keeping up with this extensive workload, in addition to general facilities maintenance of grounds, classrooms, libraries, student housing, etc., requires scheduling, planning, and communication for effective and efficient responses (completion of tasks).

NetFacilities powerful, easy-to-use, web-based maintenance management solution helps increase your efficiency by linking together all of your school locations, buildings, managers, employees, faculty, students (if applicable), vendors, and suppliers into one centralized network for workflow collaboration. Track maintenance costs, performance, increase productivity, stop costly revenue leaks caused by asset failures, protect your assets with automatic PM items, streamline inventory, and lower the total cost of maintenance.

NetFacilities School, University, and College clients link together and manage administrative buildings, libraries, classrooms, student housing (dormitory), modular buildings, grounds, athletic departments/gymnasiums, auditoriums, fleets (buses, vans, etc.), campus medical facilities, faculty centers, and much more.

NetFacilities is a comprehensive system for total facility, property, maintenance, and grounds management. We offer assisted deployment to get your system ready use quickly. NetFacilities deploys immediately and supports unlimited users. Since it is a web-based solution, there is no need for software installation and we provide on-going support for your designated site administrators. The solution is accessible anytime, 24/7, wherever you have an Internet connection. Learn More