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The New MobileFacilities ...Its like having a "Command Center in your Pocket!"

NetFacilities MobileFacilities, a wireless version of NetFacilities CMMS, provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for your maintenance personnel in the field. MobileFacilities can be accessed across any Android or IOS smartphone or tablet device. 

MobileFacilities provides you the flexibility that you've come to expect from the NetFacilities desktop CMMS version in our Mobile Application


Key Features include: Barcoding, Image and document uploads, Work requests and orders, Meter readings, Inventory Management, Asset Tracking, Vendor Management, Calendar scheduling and more...

New MobileFacilities Android and iOS App Features:
o All new MobileFacilities app for Android and iOS devices.  (MobileFacilities app requires additional licensing)
o Blue and silver colored, high contrast user interface with responsive design.  Automatic screen resolution scaling of tablet and smartphone devices
o MobileFacilities may now be used by all users that are granted access
o Now offers full-featured asset management, and inventory management
o Barcode scanning now offered.  Print the labels from the desktop application, place on assets, and scan to look-up using a mobile device.
o The ability to take pictures and upload to work orders, as well as adding files from the device’s gallery
o We’ve added the ability to quickly review staff schedules on a calendar view
o We’ve eliminated the need for paging through records through the implementation of infinite scrolling
o Added type-to-search feature for easy record locating

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 Screenshots of the new MobileFacilities