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Restaurant, Fast Food and Chain Dining 

With the challenges of ownership in the food service industry and the ever increasing cost in food, equipment, labor and marketing, it makes sense to get on board with utilizing a NetFacilities CMMS for Restaurants for either your single or multiple location restaurants.

Hopefully you have the time to research to see what services, customer service ranking, training and applications that will save money and time in reducing your admin overhead, preventive maintenance and improved longevity of the assets that continue to keep the restaurant open longer and profitable. With Kitchen Equipment being 15%, Refrigeration 11%, Plumbing 9%, HVAC and Grease Disposal 8% of all Work Orders it is essential to have a tool that is easy to use and agile enough to allow those in the field to still schedule maintenance repairs and service orders.

Our NetFacilities CMMS for Restaurants is web-based software developed by facility managers for facility management which includes the attributes of food services. This SaaS (Software as a Solution) provides all restaurant locations a one stop sanctuary for labor scheduling, asset management, inventory management, equipment maintenance management including HVAC, filters, Coils etc.., as well as Vendor Management. With Janitorial spend being the highest Maintenance spend in a location at 46%* all these important day to day issues can be accessed from a PC or and Mobile Device where unlimited users can be allowed to utilize the system which does not need any client side implementation; NetFacilities CMMS for Restaurants has FREE training and set up as well as ongoing Live customer support.  Imagine a place to store your Equipment warranties and Identification, repair documentation, Building Lease info and Vendor data where it can be accessed in moments.

The Top 5 Repair spends of a restaurant facility shows that over 22% is Refrigeration with Kitchen equipment and Plumbing coming in at 16%. Management of the assets within any one facility by using a NetFacilities CMMS for Restaurants can save incremental dollars, when centralizing all locations the savings is even greater.

Work Orders are just a click away and with our mobile application, MobileFacilities, any approved user can schedule, assign and manage the work order from anywhere. Such is the case for multi facilities where inventory can be scanned and stored as well as images and documents can be uploaded for a vendor scheduled work order all done in seconds. This is efficiency at it most emerging and digital way. 

Scheduling is now easier than ever. Save time creating schedules. ensure all users are on the same page, and control your labor and vendor costs. The savings generated by utilizing the above far outweigh the costs to implement a NetFacilities CMMS for Restaurants. Reduced administrative corporate support along with improved contractor performance will be the result. Whether it is a fast food location or multiple chain restaurants operations will appreciate the increased effectiveness and control with the timing and quality of repairs. I recommend reaching out with NetFacilities to schedule a Demo and see for yourself how this software changes the way your time and money can be kept. 

If you’re responsible for the maintenance and operation of a restaurant or a chain of them, we can provide the help you need to make sure your operation is running smoothly and efficiently, keeping costs down and customer satisfaction up. Stay on top and in touch with facility management solutions from NetFacilities. Call NetFacilities for more information on how a NetFacilities CMMS for Restaurants can provide piece of mind and a structure for increased ROI:  sales@netfacilities or 1-866-979-4300