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Facilities Management for Non-Profits

When it comes to streamlining maintenance of operations in the most efficient of ways, we provide non-profit organizations with the right tools and support to effectively manage one or multiple facilities in one system. We provide special pricing plans to Non-Profit organizations, with an easy to use and brand new interface, and a feature enhanced asset and work order management tools making even the novice a veteran quickly. 

With NetFacilities' CMMS, nonprofits can enjoy different benefits, some including tracking and reporting on daily preventative work orders and more. There is no doubt that as a nonprofit organization, you face many challenges when it comes to the assurance of quality from management departments in your organization. With our CMMS, you can setup your organization into a systematic one that will only prove to be a profitable choice.

Management of Work Orders

NetFacilities’ CMMS conveniently helps nonprofit organizations manage their day to day work orders. Under our work order management, nonprofits can edit work orders, filter them to find the precise one you need, import work orders to adobe, excel, etc., and add additional work orders. It also helps to prioritize work orders, view the pending orders, improve workflow, and view the tasks for the day and much more.

Asset Management

Nonprofit organizations have different assets, some old and some new. Over the years, their maintenance is inevitable, this is when you can use our CMMS to effectively manage your assets. They help your organization to see which asset requires maintenance, their repair log, schedule the next maintenance program, locate each asset, build a well-organized list of all your assets, and add new ones.

Labor Tracking

With NetFacilities’ labor tracking, nonprofits can ensure that all your labor force carries out the tasks they were told to do. It helps to keep a track on their location, the current task they are working on, give you alerts when the task is complete, and check whether they need anything for the current task they handle.

Inventory Tracking

Our inventory tracking software allow nonprofits to track the movement of inventory. It helps nonprofit organizations to see which items move out or into the inventory from one location to the other. You can track non-stocked, special order items, and stocked ones too. The software also has the capability to track vendors of items, the location of items, their substitute, and complete information of the cost.

The CMMS also allows the tracking of tools and it provides the basic features required for the management of tools as part of the system. With this feature, users can plan on the tool they will need to stock, and assign for the different tasks in their organization. This helps to reduce the efforts required by technicians and mechanics who work in this particular field.

Quick Reporting

CMMS allow an easy and rapid means for reporting on the opening and closing work orders. This means nonprofit organizations can easily keep a track on small jobs like the materials needed, completion date, failure codes, and more could be reported.