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Facility Management for Manufacturing

Facility Management Software for Manufacturing known as CMMS is the ideal choice for manufacturing organizations who want to efficiently manage all their maintenance operations in one solution. A NetFacilities Manufacturing Maintenance Management software allows manufacturing companies to schedule Preventive Maintenance, control Inventory, track and schedule maintenance tasks and audits and Work Order management for one or multiple locations.

Switching to NetFacilities for your business means:

  • Less downtime
  • Extended asset life
  • Lower maintenance expense
  • Increased profit and productivity

Without the use of a proper software, work order management can prove to be a challenging task. With NetFacilities Facility Maintenance Management software users can manage their work distribution and order effectively. Employees can view and share their work orders to those in the field.  Work order management software for manufacturing comes with these features:

  • Improved workflow
  • Increased on-time completion of work
  • Asset assigned Bar Codes
  • Prioritized work requests
  • Greater flexibility of scheduling patterns for Non-Assets PMs
  • Ability to upload files and images

With the new 'MobileFacilities' app for Android and iOS devices you can grant access to all users and have the ability to review staff schedules immediately, take pictures and upload to work orders as well as add files from the gallery of the device.

Inventory Tracking Manufacturing

In any manufacturing environment, facility maintenance teams must ensure they manage and save volumes of inventory, which include supplies for machines like grease, oil, spare parts and more. With the NetFacilities Manufacturing Maintenance Management Software, anyone on the team can view the total of supplies available in storage, the number of supplies used for repairs, alert managers for renewal of orders and set future schedules.

Manufacturing: Asset Management

Facility Managers have to care for all their industry assets, as well as continue to run their facility with the principles of "Lean Manufacturing".  there are a few mistakes made by manufacturers when adopting a new strategy and there is a thought that what happens on the manufacturers floor is the only area that is ever effected. Asset Management and Maintenance is the foundation of Lean Manufacturing. 

Rather than operate on a fixed-time maintenance schedule, which can lead to unnecessary repairs or an asset failure that occurs before scheduled maintenance, manufacturers can use a wide array of asset performance data collected with the goal of predicting the exact failure point of a critical asset. With this predictive power, managers and maintenance teams can conduct repairs or replace these assets without unduly interrupting the flow of the value stream, keeping production at the optimal level and profit margins high.

Predictive Maintenance for Machinery

Whether you decide to schedule a comprehensive program for maintenance of manufacturing machines, undiscovered faults can eventually lead to unexpected failures. With maintenance management software for manufacturing, you can monitor other factors like vibration, noise, lubricants, pressure, corrosion, flow, and temperature of your assets. You can easily identify any failure before its time, optimize resources for maintenance, and prevent abrupt shutdowns or breakdowns. This allows for minimal operations costs and maximum profits. 

NetFacilities Down Time Tracking

What risks exist without tracking? Nobody has to tell you that when disruptions occur, you need to react to them as quickly as possible in order to minimize the amount of time lost. Every hour without necessary replacement parts is an hour of productivity lost; historical machine downtime analysis establishes benchmarks and minimizes unplanned production downtime.

What are the gains with tracking? Increased capacity and profitability by addressing downtime issues, quick identifier of production losses and bottlenecks, better informed decisions on capital equipment, better labor utilization and resource allocation, remote viewing of status. Here are some of the benefits to using a NetFacilities Manufacturing Down Time Tracking Solution:

  • Increased capacity and profitability by addressing downtime issues
  • Quick identifiers of production losses and bottlenecks
  • Better informed decisions on capital equipment
  • Better labor utilization and resource allocation
  • Remote viewing of status with MobileFacilities
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Improved machine up-time
  • Improved Inventory Accuracy
  • Accountability and Efficiencies