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Hotel, Motel and Resort Facilities Management

Competition is fierce in the hospitality sector. If a guest has a bad experience in your hotel, not only will they stay with a competitor next time, but if they share their complaints in this social world, you also run the risk of losing new customers. Facilities managers are individuals who ensure that the buildings and grounds of a business or organization are well-maintained as this is the 1st impression of a guest before they even walk into the building. 

To accomplish this objective with a Hotel, facilities managers will design and implement daily and weekly schedules for cleaning and maintenance work. Although the roles and responsibilities for facilities managers will differ based on the job site, some of the duties that individuals who hold this position will typically perform include:

  • Scheduling repairs
  • Overseeing renovation projects
  • Work Orders management
  • Implementing waste reduction improvements
  • Conducting safety inspections
  • Negotiating with vendors to obtain repairs, supplies, etc.
  • Overseeing maintenance workers, custodial staff, and groundskeepers


Hospitality facility management software is part of the NetFacilities CMMS which helps create highly responsive and comfortable environments for guest rooms, lobbies, restaurants, banquet halls, spas, exercise spaces, laundry rooms and kitchens.

While guests are enjoying the amenities of the hotel, the staff is working hard to ensure that the customer has a safe and comfortable stay. Identifying capital improvements and budgeting for operating expenses in the hotel industry are a big part of facilities management's responsibility; the department typically keeps track of expenses and recommends system upgrades to general and asset managers.

Facilities management performs routine preventive maintenance on cosmetic aspects of the building, as well as on fire and safety systems - having to call the front desk because something does not work takes away from the guest's sense of safety and control over his or her environment. The NetFacilities Facility Management Software allows the Manager and the rest of the team to access information quickly and become more agile with MobileFacilities the NetFacilities Mobile Application while in outside of the grounds.

Facilities managers are responsible for coordinating and motivating employees as well as have a defined analytical skill set which is important because they are responsible for analyzing information and making determinations based on things such as budget concerns. Facility Managers in a Hospitality setting will need to know equipment and technology including:

  • HVAC equipment and systems
  • Building automation systems
  • Mechanical controls systems service and service agreements
  • Lighting and Plumbing solutions
  • Energy Performance Contracting
  • OEM services, warranty, parts and equipment provision

With the aid of a web-based tool so easy to use such as a NetFacilities CMMS, Facility Managers ensure that the buildings and grounds of a hotel or resort are running at efficiency levels daily all behind the scenes.  Schedule a Demo today!