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Healthcare Facility Management

The Internet of Things gives everything from medical devices to building systems the ability to store and share information. With the use of Facility Management Software from NetFacilities for the Healthcare channel it has proved to deliver great benefits as most facilities are a 24/7 business. Not only that, machines and equipment must operate efficiently to provide the necessary care for patients. Security, patient comfort, compliance, and staff management are also important considerations, and on top of all of this, most health care facilities are made up of multiple buildings. Our CMMS is designed in unique ways to meet the needs of several locations and multiple users.

From elderly care facilities to small clinics and large hospitals, NetFacilities web based CMMS software helps health care facilities maintain high standards regarding both the actual infrastructure and the equipment inside or outside the structures. CMMS software supports most management functions that are crucial to running machines and facilities as well as developing a strategy which keeps these at an optimum level.

Enhance Work Order Inspections

From failed inspection points, you can easily create corrective work orders. With new work orders, you can include user defined or standard actions that provide a detailed instructions for the correction of any failure detected at the inspection time. You can organize work orders, assign them to your workforce, edit them, and keep a track on their completion. Just schedule, submit, track and any overlapping issue is eliminated from the equation. 

Faster and More Accurate Response Times

With a NetFacilities CMMS you can give priority to your work orders, assign the most important ones to staff and provide the relevant resources based on availability and work load. They come with automatic email features, which enable your team to maintain and address any issue in an efficient and timely manner. NetFacilities new upgraded mobile application MobileFacilities your CMMS becomes an anytime, anywhere system which provides the freedom to get updates in the field in order for facilities and maintenance employees can focus on their work, rather than having to run back and forth to headquarters and the job.

Compile necessary data into reporting for JCAHO review and run our optional Audit Trail module for HIPAA compliance.

Labor Management

CMMS come with labor management options. Healthcare labor tracking options provides you with the capability to plan, and specify which personnel you would want to assign for a specific task as well as the required time. It enables users to properly plan and dispatch labor.

  • Plan: when it comes to planning, with NetFacilities’ CMMS for healthcare you can easily plan and schedule the next shifts. You can access the calendars of your workforce and assign tasks to them when necessary. You can create shifts in a sequence, fill each of their tasks according to priority and also split them over different shifts.
  • Dispatch: when it’s time to dispatch, you can keep a track on the labor time, their location, the task completion time, and keep a check on the resources or equipment’s they use for the crucial tasks.
  • No matter what patients you treat or serve, our CMMS for healthcare can help you to handle all your work orders without any problem. Each feature is tailored in unique ways to meet with healthcare industries. They offer templates for preventive maintenance and aid organizations to quickly move ahead so implementing tasks, managing and organizing the needs of their facility are quickly and thoroughly completed.

Safety and Security

NetFacilities CMMS software helps support overall health care safety and security through asset tracking and machine maintenance. Important aspects such air quality, elevator functionality, food storage equipment, and machine performance can be monitored using CMMS software. When facilities and equipment are fluent health care staff can be confident that in case of an emergency they can focus on the issues at hand and not the surroundings or devices.