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State and Local Government

State and Local Government

Regardless of whether you’re a town of 5,000 or a city of 500,000 NetFacilities CMMS for Government facilities can reduce wasted time by over 50% or more, improve productivity in the office and in the field, automate processes, upload and attach documents or photos to your records, bar code scanning, map inventory items to work orders and add labor hours for full cost tracking, use MobileFacilities to make repairs faster by searching for maintenance procedures and warranties while in the field.

The State and Local Governments Maintenance Departments mission is to provide exceptional total life-cycle management for all government facilities and facility-related support functions in order to enable that jurisdiction to deliver efficient and effective services to the citizens. The vision for this department of Facilities Management is recognized as the best practice model for efficient, sustainable, agile, and high-quality facility operation, maintenance, and engineering services through a workload and requirement driven budget. This is achieved by developing and maintaining a total life-cycle plan for each government facilities asset that focuses on exceeding industry standard conditions through preventative maintenance performance, targeted investment strategies, and on time, on budget, execution of a capital improvement program.

The objectives are easy for pretty much any standard city or government:

  • Maximize the quality and timeliness of services provided within authorized operating and capital budgets.
  • Maintain core services currently provided to its end users.
  • Expand and enhance the use of technology within the Division in order to improve efficiency, communications and responsiveness.
  • Identify energy cost savings through energy conservation initiatives.
  • Minimize overhead costs and standardize overhead rates to maximize cost effective use of Government resources in capital project management.

Continue implementation of the Government’s inventory of facilities and increase the utilization of this information for maintenance, assessments, and future capital planning.

Facilities Maintenance provides operation & maintenance functions for properties under direct control of the Department of Administrative Services. The Operation & Maintenance services include:

  • Operations
  • Property Management
  • Janitorial
  • Security
  • Refuse and Waste Disposal
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Snow Removal
  • Mail Distribution
  • Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Service/Work Order Request Completion
  • Minor Maintenance
  • Major Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance is the steward of Government owned properties including the Courthouse Complex including the Courthouse, Safety Building, Criminal Justice Facility, and Parking Areas. Most counties for example, their Facilities Management team contracts with over 250 vendors totaling millions of dollars. Services under contract range from materials and supplies necessary to maintain seamless operations to services that help maintain operational efficiency.

So how does a NetFacilities CMMS for Government software fit in? Everything I just detailed all the data, work orders, vendor management, asset and Inventory tracking, preventive maintenance etc…can be stored in one system that is web-based and can be access by an unlimited amount of users anytime and from anywhere. NetFacilities CMMS for Government provides a system which caters to the Facility Manager and their essential functions.


  • Direct the Government’s facility maintenance and operations division.  Provide planning, leadership and direction in the development and implementation of short and long-range plans, goals and objectives for the maintenance and operations division of Facilities Management Department. 
  • In conjunction with the Facilities Operations Manager, determine the appropriate balance between immediate response repair needs and longer-term planned projects.  Analyze and determine “make or buy” decisions for service delivery considering staffing adjustments or use of outside contractors or vendors.
  • Develop, refine, implement, monitor and assess the preventative maintenance program to minimize unanticipated interruption to operations. 
  • Establish work rules, policies and procedures to guide the division and meet the needs of client government departments.
  • Analyze sub-unit effectiveness and takes corrective actions as required.  Manages and coaches facility staff to deliver excellent service levels, within budget, and with minimal disruption for the client Government departments.
  • In the spirit of teamwork, coordinate the maintenance and operations division activities with other divisions, Government departments, and jurisdictions ensuring effective communication to facilitate and adhere to policies and procedures. Facilitate collaboration and team building at all levels, with sensitivity to diverse backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints.
  • Participate in the preparation of the annual Facility Management Department budget; prepare and justify that portion of the budget concerned with facility operations, maintenance and small works projects. 
  • Participate in the preparation of the annual facility assessment, helping to identify facility and client Government program needs and prioritize facility improvements within available resources. 
  • Develop environment health and safety procedures for facilities.  Ensure all maintenance work comply with federal, state, and local codes, regulations, and safety standards.

The demand for taxes going toward more important city, state and county uses is a reality when your officials implement a cost efficient and money savings tool that an unlimited number of government employees can use.

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