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Schools (K-12 & Specialty Schools), Universities, and Colleges, manage hundreds, if not thousands, of assets, requests, and tasks each day. The maintenance department responsible for so much work needs better ways to stay on task, connected with management, and get things done (efficiently) across multiple locations. Managing the many assets (air conditioners, boilers, HVAC systems, computers, etc.) at each location involves many mission-critical tasks in the form of preventive maintenance, impulsive work orders, and inspections. Keeping up with this extensive workload, in addition to general facilities maintenance of grounds, classrooms, libraries, student housing, etc., requires scheduling, planning, and communication for effective and efficient responses (completion of tasks). NetFacilities CMMS for Education eliminates all the hassles that could come with a campus or a District. 

Any size educational institution can benefit from our simple but effective approach using a NetFacilities CMMS for Education. Provide your team the strength of instant mobility while becoming a cost efficient and time saving maintenance team immediately. Utilize our MobileFacilities Mobile Application to bar code, upload images and documents as well as schedule work orders. 

Importance of School Facility Maintenance

The main objective of facility maintenance is to optimize investment and be more cost conscious while managing all the facilities within the school along with the development of and enhanced and proper infrastructure. Maintaining a school effectively will show parents, students and employees that the school actually cares about their image and that the possibility of increasing activities is a welcome asset especially in this day and age of the Charter School all the way up to Higher Education systems private and public. When your brand reputation increases, and you display the results of investment, more people will be willing to invest in the education system and especially your facility.

NetFacilities CMMS for Education includes taking care of the following:

  • All Student Body, Faculty and Administrators’ health and safety
  • Efficient and effective capital planning
  • Improving the learning and athletic environment
  • Training, Scheduling and Managing staff effectively

There is research showing that there is a positive and direct relationship between the school environment and student behavior. So much so, that the school environment has a higher impact on the performance of students as compared to his/her family background, social status, and school attendance. Students are more likely to perform well in an environment which is conducive to learning. Well-maintained environments show the school's dedication to its students and staff, which in turn will encourage dedication and commitment in their work. There is also relevant data showing that a maintained campus along with outdoor and indoor athletic facilities brings in not only more students, but a revenue stream in order to add more facilities benefiting the entire campus.

The Vision Statement

To build up a facilities management maintenance plan, a first step could be to develop a vision statement along with developing a daily routine using a NetFacilities CMMS for Education. A vision statement helps in describing the ideal future of the school, think according to the organizations best interests instead of focusing on single entities, allow and welcome change, be clear and precise and finally, give out a positive and inspiring message.

The vision statement of a facility helps in focusing on the maintenance policies and procedures (Best Practices) for the whole organization. With a good vision statement, you may be using resources inefficiently, wasting time and money, and/or using up your efforts in unnecessary places which are not aligned with the organization's long-term objectives. Additionally, a well-developed vision statement reminds the employees of how their work contributes to the organizations benefit, giving them motivation in their work.

Auditing your Facilities

Auditing your facility is a must in order to utilize your resources in the most efficient manner possible. The life of the equipment, Preventive Maintenance and Inventory Management need to be kept in mind otherwise, you’ll just be out on a hit-or-miss trial where some things only get fixed when they break while others are maintained on a regular basis whether they need it or not especially when Manufacturer Warranties are involved. When the facility knows the status of its equipment and which buildings they are located, it will know when to repair something right before it breaks. This way, no resources will be wasted, increased costs to replace will not come into play and the impression of a well-maintained, well heated or air conditioned facility will remain.

Facility preservation is the Facility Managers' and their department’s sole priority to insure that everything is in a condition that supports the vision of the organization. Preventive Maintenance on a regular basis for assets should be done according to a schedule which can easily be accessed by using NetFacilities CMMS, in order to make sure no health or safety risks are posed for the student body, teachers and administrators.

A NetFacilities CMMS for Education provides an insurance in the most optimal way possible so that the students, parents, staff, stakeholders and any other occupants develop a reputation that supersedes the excellence of the establishment. 

A  NetFacilities CMMS for Education is powerful and easy-to-use. NetFacilities CMMS for Education is also a web-based solution which helps increase your efficiency by linking together all of your school locations, buildings, managers, employees, faculty, students (if applicable), vendors, and suppliers into one centralized network for workflow collaboration. Track maintenance costs, performance, increase productivity, stop costly revenue leaks caused by asset failure, protect your assets with automatic PM items, streamline inventory, and lower the total cost of maintenance.

NetFacilities has several School, University, and College clients linking together and managing administrative buildings, libraries, classrooms, student housing, modular buildings, grounds, athletic departments including gymnasiums and auditoriums, fleets (buses, vans, etc.), campus medical facilities, faculty centers, and many more departments and facilities.

NetFacilities CMMS for Education is geared for total facility, property, maintenance, and grounds management. Link every person, place, and thing, together in one centralized network for real-time collaboration. We offer assisted deployment from our highly rated Client Support group to get your system and multiple users ready to use quickly.

NetFacilities CMMS for Education deploys immediately and supports unlimited users. Since it is a web-based solution, there is no need for software installation and we provide on-going support for your designated site administrators. The solution is accessible anytime, 24/7, wherever you have an Internet connection or WiFi.

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