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Retail Facility Management

CMMS for Shopping Centers and Retail Locations

The Management of Retail Facilities include a vast array of moving parts including: Invoices, Tenant and Vendor Management, Workflows and Approval processes, Reporting, Dashboards and Analysis as well as Mobility and a few others. Retail facilities are equipped with a wide range of systems and devices that control HVAC, energy management, lighting, security and more. 

This complexity makes it more difficult to take advantage of the information existing control systems provide and results in poorly managed building systems, wasted resources and higher operational expenses.

Operating and managing today’s retail stores are being driven by performance, financial optimization and the customer experience. The rising cost of energy and maintenance, financial pressures to contain costs and the need to provide customer comfort are all contributing to how you must control and maintain your retail facilities.

NetFacilities Web Based CMMS is the ideal solution for Convenience stores, Shopping Malls, Shopping Centers, Boutiques, small restaurants, and cafes including Multi-sites consisting of central management and stores spread across multiple locations. With a NetFacilities Facility Management Software you are able to provide access and control of all your facility operating systems.

Combine information from different systems to support better overall facility operational performance and energy management as well as Enable you to specify systems and applications from multiple vendors.


Using a web based CMMS from NetFacilities you immediately going to increase system and equipment functionality, Improve facility operations, Reduce equipment downtime and maximize lifetime value and Improve visibility into operational assets. All of these with increased speed maintenance and problem resolution as well as preventative maintenance. 


What our CMMS provides in the case of  your clients is an increased loyalty value, customer comfort and satisfaction. Streamlines operations by integrating all building systems Improves profitability by lowering cost of operations and Provides better control and manageability of multiple facilities from a central or mobile location which allows you to Improve workflow and resource management.