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MobileFacilities...Its like having a "Command Center in your Pocket!"

NetFacilities MobileFacilities, a wireless version of NetFacilities CMMS, provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for your maintenance personnel in the field. MobileFacilities can be accessed across any Android or IOS smartphone or tablet device.

MobileFacilities provides you the flexibility that you've come to expect from the NetFacilities desktop CMMS version in our MobileFacilities Application.

Key Features include: Barcoding, Image and document uploads, Work requests and orders, Meter readings, Inventory Management, Asset Tracking, Vendor Management, Calendar scheduling and more...

How  Does a Mobile CMMS Impact Today’s facilities Technicians?

Effective and emerging technology allows companies, especially Facilities, to be more cost and time efficient.. With technology especially a CMMS they can do more, in less time, ideally, with less stress on themselves, managers and vendors. Mobile CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) Systems is a powerful tool, according to a 2014 online survey of mobile CMMS systems users that generated 170 responses. They asked about the costs and benefits of using this technology.

  • Most respondents stated they access mobile CMMS systems through a tablet (44%), 35% use a smartphone and 21% reported using both devices.
  • Respondents were asked about how accessing a mobile CMMS system impacted their efficiency and 43% said it had improved significantly with 28% reporting a moderate increase.
  • Generally younger technicians reported more efficiency. Younger employees have largely grown up with computer technology and may be more likely to use it efficiently and recognize its benefits.
  • Those using tablets reported the highest efficiency improvements with 65% stated they saw a “significant increase.”

A major benefit of mobile CMMS systems, including the Award Winning NetFacilities' MobileFacilities is the availability of real time data and in the field work order management. This can save time, money and increase efficiency for maintenance technicians as data entered on a mobile device in the field is immediately reflected in the system back at company headquarters. Nearly half, or 42%, of respondents reported the most common benefit of mobile CMMS is improved work order tracking. Other benefits reported are:

  • The ability to make more informed decisions (21%),
  • Increased overall productivity (20%)
  • The software helps maximize the amount of time that critical machinery or vehicles that are in use (17%).

The survey showed work order management is one of the most popular functions. Mobile CMMS systems give technicians much simpler, faster ways to manage work orders from the field and many maintenance professionals, their employers and customers are experiencing these benefits.

  • 25% reported inventory tracking was the feature used more often.
  • 24% stated the most used CMMS feature involved preventative maintenance functions, which help track scheduled maintenance to avoid unexpected downtime due to repairs.
  • 19% reported asset tracking.
  • 17% stated predictive maintenance.
  • 15% stated work order management.

The responses may show a large number of respondents worked with older CMMS systems that lack all the features of current systems. Their conclusion was that mobile CMMS systems can increase efficiency through inventory and asset tracking capabilities and as younger, more tech-savvy employees increasingly fill maintenance management positions, more organizations will use mobile CMMS systems and reap their benefits.

A mobile CMMS system from NetFacilities is a cost-effective solution because we offer a seamless, web based software solution for work order management, maintenance management, and total asset management.

If you want to learn more about how NetFacilities web based mobile CMMS system, MobileFacilities, can improve the efficiency of your maintenance technicians, better tracking of work orders and inventory as well as reducing the downtime of critical equipment and assets, set up a Demo at 866-979-4300 or email us at