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    NetFacilities is celebrating our 13th year providing PC and Mobile CMMS

A complete solution for the management & maintenance of your facilities. 
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NetFacilities' CMMS is 
extremely incredibly
 easy to use.

Work Order Management

We provide a complete solution that allows your tenants, employees, and other staff to submit real-time requests from anywhere.

Asset Management

Provide the When, Where, Why and on What asset to perform the preventative/ scheduled maintenance tasks for better performance.

Site/Job-site Management

Delete your spreadsheets in favor of one comprehensive software platform to manage all of your vital project data.

Labor Tracking

A visibility into your workforce providing real-time assessments of efficiency, productivity, and compliance. Build better schedules meet budget goals and minimize compliance risks.

Inventory Tracking

NetFacilities comprehensive inventory management system tracks parts and supplies - paper products, light bulbs, belts, hoses - across multiple sites, warehouse, and closets.

Mobile Application

All new MobileFacilities app for Android and iOS devices with full-featured asset management, and inventory management including uploading image and doc abilities.

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NetFacilities is a privately held company committed to helping businesses harness the power of the Internet to produce, protect and uncover revenues through simple, efficient solutions and resources.